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Human Resources - Employment

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1. What is CityCareers and how secure is it?
2. How do I view open jobs?
3. Are all open positions at the City of San José posted on the website?
4. How do I register and apply for a job at the City?
5. How do I apply for open jobs that are available only to City employees?
6. Are there any instructions for applying to jobs or setting up my User Account?
7. What if I have forgotten my User Name or Password?
8. How do I change my contact information?
9. Who can I contact for help with my online application?
10. Will my information be kept private?
11. What if I don’t have an email address?
12. Can I apply without selecting a job?
13. Do I need to apply for each position I am interested in?
14. Is there a time limit for my session when applying?
15. Are all sections of the application required?
16. What do I list as my Regional Location in my application?
17. How do I add my school and major and what do I do if I cannot locate my school or major in the system?
18. My license or certification is not listed in the application. Where do I list my certification?
19. As a current City employee, must I include all my employment information, including my current job duties?
20. Do I have to submit a resume?
21. How do I submit attachments such as a resume, cover letter or reference letter?
22. When I click on the hyperlink of an attachment that I loaded such as my cover letter or resume why does it not open?
23. When applying online, what is the difference between "Save as Draft" and "Submit"?
24. How will I know that my job application has been accepted?
25. I made an error in my application. Can I go back and fix it?
26. I had saved a draft of my application. How do I locate my saved draft?
27. Will I be contacted by the City of San José once I have applied for a position?
28. How can I see what jobs I’ve applied for?
29. How often are positions posted at the City of San José?