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What is CityCareers and how secure is it?

CityCareers is the name for the City of San José’s recruitment and job application system. CityCareers is a cloud-based talent management system that uses Oracle Taleo Cloud Service to meet most of the City’s recruitment needs, including job postings, job application, applicant screening, and applicant hiring.

Oracle Taleo Recruiting is used by hundreds of companies throughout the world. It contains state-of-the-art technology to ensure that users can only access their own information. To further support security, you may be prompted to change your password every 365 days. Please remember to keep your password confidential.

Human Resources - Employment

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1. What is CityCareers and how secure is it?
2. How do I view open jobs?
3. Are all open positions at the City of San José posted on the website?
4. How do I register and apply for a job at the City?
5. How do I apply for open jobs that are available only to City employees?
6. Are there any instructions for applying to jobs or setting up my User Account?
7. What if I have forgotten my User Name or Password?
8. How do I change my contact information?
9. Who can I contact for help with my online application?
10. Will my information be kept private?
11. What if I don’t have an email address?
12. Can I apply without selecting a job?
13. Do I need to apply for each position I am interested in?
14. Is there a time limit for my session when applying?
15. Are all sections of the application required?
16. What do I list as my Regional Location in my application?
17. How do I add my school and major and what do I do if I cannot locate my school or major in the system?
18. My license or certification is not listed in the application. Where do I list my certification?
19. As a current City employee, must I include all my employment information, including my current job duties?
20. Do I have to submit a resume?
21. How do I submit attachments such as a resume, cover letter or reference letter?
22. When I click on the hyperlink of an attachment that I loaded such as my cover letter or resume why does it not open?
23. When applying online, what is the difference between "Save as Draft" and "Submit"?
24. How will I know that my job application has been accepted?
25. I made an error in my application. Can I go back and fix it?
26. I had saved a draft of my application. How do I locate my saved draft?
27. Will I be contacted by the City of San José once I have applied for a position?
28. How can I see what jobs I’ve applied for?
29. How often are positions posted at the City of San José?