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Planning - Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)

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1. What is CEQA?
2. What are the CEQA transportation requirements for the City of San José?
3. What is Level of Service (LOS)?
4. What is Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)?
5. Why is the City changing its Transportation Impact policy?
6. Why did the State pass legislation to adopt this change?
7. What does this mean for the City of San José?
8. What is the timeline for these changes?
9. Does my ability to engage in land use and transportation decisions change?
10. How will the CEQA process in San José change?
11. How will this change impact the City’s ability to ask developers for transportation investments?
12. Will the shift to VMT make it easier or harder to develop in my neighborhood?
13. Will the shift to VMT change the CEQA process?
14. How will the shift to VMT impact new development projects?
15. How will this change impact new transportation projects?
16. When will the change to VMT happen? How will projects already in the pipeline be treated?
17. If a new development proposes to include Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures into a development, how will the City enforce these measures?
18. How will impacts in neighboring jurisdictions be handled, especially if the neighboring jurisdiction has not yet transitioned to a VMT metric for CEQA transportation analysis?
19. How will retail be analyzed?
20. How will this change impact housing?
21. How will this change impact affordable housing?
22. Will this change impact the environment?
23. What are the impacts on business?
24. How will this shift affect overall affordability?