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PRNS - Trails

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1. Who do I call in an emergency on the trails?
2. Who do I call for a non-emergency concern on the trails?
3. Who do I call about graffiti or vandalism on the trails or in parks?
4. Who do if I contact to report suspicious behavior or have a concern about public safety?
5. Who do I call to report a homeless encampment or vagrancy?
6. Can I use the trail during storm events?
7. Where can I find information about trails outside of San José?
8. Who do I contact regarding maintenance of the trails?
9. Does trail mileage reported include sidewalks and streets?
10. How do I volunteer to help maintain the trails?
11. How do I volunteer to support development of the Guadalupe River Park and Trail?
12. Who do I contact for debris or maintenance issues on public streets (not on the trail system)?
13. Who do I contact when I see debris in a creek or river next to the trail?
14. What do I do if I see a mountain lion?
15. How can I support development of more trails and open space?
16. Who do we contact to host a marathon or other special event along a trail?
17. How do I find the quickest through route through the Guadalupe River Park?
18. A Union Pacific Train is stopped and blocking passage - Who can I call?
19. How do I reach the VTA for transit work near a trail?
20. I'm managing a nearby project and need to close the trail temporarily for public safety reasons - how do I do that?
21. Can I use a Segway on the trail?
22. Who do I contact to learn about a developing trail?