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International Relations
San Jose is an international city with one of the largest global concentrations of talent that matches and fuels the pace of the growing global economy. 38 percent of the city’s population is foreign-born and the diversity throughout our immigrant population is far broader than any other major city in the US. Residents overwhelmingly feel that all are welcome in San Jose from the languages we speak (50% of residents speak 2 or more languages) to festivals the community enjoys (including San Jose International Mariachi Festival ,San Jose Taiko, Vietnamese Tet Festival, and many more.)

Few cities have more successfully assimilated such a broad range of diverse cultures; San Jose ranks number one in the nation in the integration of immigrant populations based on where people live. Hundreds of foreign-owned companies play an important role in the San Jose community, including Acer, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Infineon, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Electronics, and TSMC, and we continue to invest in the core infrastructure that makes San Jose a global epicenter for new technology innovation. From our internationally recognized global business incubator, the US Market Access Center, to creating world class transportation nodes and cultural artistic ventures reflecting the international makeup of our residents, San Jose continues to draw attention on the world stage.

Airport – The Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), provides a strong sense of welcome to arrivals from around the world.  Recently undergoing a $1.6 billion renovation, SJC is now the world’s most technologically advanced airport, with sleek, beautifully-designed LEED certified passenger terminals, state-of-the-art baggage handling and a shared-use IT backbone that provides efficient and flexible support to airlines. To learn more.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) – Due to our proximity to accessible and expanding markets, our support structure for new companies and network of connections across the world, San Jose is a great location to investment in the US. Whether its exploring import opportunities, entering into license agreements or joint ventures with local companies, or accessing new market capacity here in Silicon Valley, we’re interested in learning more about your opportunity and how we can help. To learn more.

Incubators San Jose’s incubator network provides flexible space and contemporary services for new businesses with the potential to create jobs, commercialize new technologies, and strengthen the local economy. They represent a great opportunity for fledgling companies to grow, utilizing a vast array of targeted business but without all of the overheads. To learn more.

International Trade As the home to numerous multinational corporate headquarters, financial institutions, law firms, and conglomerates, the business that occurs in Silicon Valley has implications and influence throughout the world economy. In support of our international companies, San Jose administers Foreign Trade Zone #18, holds Port of Entry status Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport, and is home to the Silicon Valley Export Assistance Center. Coupled with a vast network of international trade organizations located throughout the Bay Area, we’re poised to assistance those companies seeking to sell products or services in the global marketplace. More information on international trade.

Sister City The San Jose Sister City Program consists of seven sister cities including, Okayama, Japan; San Jose, Costa Rica; Veracruz, Mexico; Tainan, Taiwan; Dublin, Ireland; Pune, India; and Ekaterinburg, Russia. San Jose is a charter member of Sister Cities International (SCI)-a national organization that certifies U.S. Sister City affiliations. SCI links municipalities from the United States with cities from other countries through Sister City agreements signed by the respective Mayor of each city, and ratified by the City Council. More information on sister cities.