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The Green Vision and Climate Smart San José
The Green Vision was a 15-year sustainability plan to steer economic growth and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through the Green Vision, adopted in 2007, the City made strides as a national leader in the sustainability movement.

In 2017, the City began drafting the Green Vision’s replacement, Climate Smart San José. Approved by the City Council in February 2018, Climate Smart San José builds upon the Green Vision with a people-focused approach, encouraging the entire San José community to join an ambitious campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save water and improve quality of life.

Green Vision Goals
The Green Vision established a comprehensive strategy to lead the City and nation in sustainability initiatives such as renewable energy, diverting waste, and increasing recycled water usage. To achieve this strategy, the Green Vision focused on ten bold goals:
  1. Create 25,000 clean tech jobs
  2. Reduce per capita energy use by 50 percent
  3. Receive 100 percent of our electrical power from clean renewable sources
  4. Build or retrofit 50 million square feet of green buildings
  5. Divert 100 percent of waste from the landfill and convert waste into energy
  6. Recycle or beneficially reuse 100 percent of our wastewater (100 million gallons per day)
  7. Adopt a General Plan with measurable standards for sustainable development
  8. Ensure that 100 percent of public fleet vehicles run on alternative fuels
  9. Plant 100,000 new trees and replace 100 percent of our streetlights with smart, zero emission lighting
  10. Create 100 miles of interconnected trails

 The City made significant progress toward achieving these goals, many of which have been incorporated into Climate Smart San José.

Climate Smart San José
The adoption of Climate Smart San José made San José one of the first U.S. cities to chart a path to achieving the greenhouse gas emissions reductions contained in the international Paris Agreement on climate change.

Climate Smart San José focuses on three areas: energy, mobility and water. The foundation of the plan is the belief that sustainable cites are happier, healthier places to live and work.

The City has begun implementing the plan, and is reaching out to the public to get feedback and inform community members about how they can be Climate Smart.

Learn more about Climate Smart San José.

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