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Rates & Billing
Recycling and garbage rates and billing depend on the type of collection service. 

Garbage service is mandatory in the City of San José and must be paid for by the owner even if the property is vacant or unoccupied (see SJMC 9.10.1010 and SJMC 9.10.1200). 

Find your collection company's contact information and collection day using the Residential Services Lookup.

My garbage is collected in a... Garbage cart
Garbage bin
View rates & billing Homes, Townhomes & Mobile Homes
Apartments & Condos

Rates for Residential Homes, Townhomes, and Mobile Home Parks
Rates for Recycle Plus services are shown below. Your fee pays for weekly garbage, recycling, and yard trimmings collection. 

Disabled on-premise collection is available.

Collection Service
(Single-Family Homes)

Monthly Rate
(Effective July 1, 2019)

Annual Charge

32-gallon cart $35.89 $430.68
64-gallon cart $71.78 $861.36
96-gallon cart $107.67 $1,292.04
Extra garbage sticker $6.25 each N/A
Any size cart
(32, 64, 96 gallon)
Included with garbage fee* Included with garbage fee*
Yard Trimmings
Subscription cart (optional)
Any size cart (32, 64, 96 gallon)
$4.99/month $59.88
Loose in the street Included with garbage fee Included with garbage fee
Large Items (e.g., tires, furniture)
Pickup by appointment only Free Free
On-Premise Collection**
32-gallon cart $109.03 $1,308.36
64-gallon cart $144.92 $1,739.04
96-gallon cart $180.81 $2,169.72
Disabled On-Premise Collection

Disabled on-premise collection provides cart pick-up for those with an ongoing disability and are unable to move his/her garbage, recycling, and yard trimmings carts to the curb for collection. ALL residents of the premise must have an ongoing physical disability and be unable to move the carts into position at the curbside. Annual review of participant eligibility applies.

Required documentation: A signed application and physician's certification for each resident of household.
Application & Instructions
32-gallon cart $35.89 $430.68
64-gallon cart $71.78 $861.36
96-gallon cart $107.67 $1,292.04
Household Hazardous Waste
Call the County at 299-7300 or schedule a free drop-off appointment. Free Free

*The rate you pay for collection service is based on the size of your garbage cart. Recycling is unlimited at no additional charge.
**On-premise collection is a premium service where carts are serviced from the premise rather than curbside.

Billing for Residential Homes, Townhomes, and Mobile Home Parks

These services are billed through the Santa Clara County Secured Property Tax Bill.

Rates for Apartments & Condos

For rates effective July 1, 2019, please see:

Billing for Apartments & Condos
These services are billed monthly to owners, property managers, or authorized third parties. Residents receiving these services may be billed directly by their property managers or landlords.