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Did You Know?
  • Copper is a pollutant that threatens aquatic life in our creeks and the Bay. It is used as an algaecide in pools, spas, and fountains, and copper pipes are commonly used in pool plumbing.
  • Draining pools, spas and fountains to storm drains can pollute creeks with copper, chlorine, sediments, and other contaminants.
  • Storm drains flow directly into our creeks and the Bay without wastewater treatment.
  • A properly maintained pool, spa, and fountain will reduce the need for draining

Maintaining Your Pool, Spa or Fountain
  • Minimize algae buildup to prevent the need for toxic algaecides
  • Clean regularly, maintain proper chlorine levels, and maintain water filtration and circulation.
  • Manage pH and water hardness to minimize copper pipe corrosion that can stain your pool and end up in our creeks and the Bay.
  • Ask your pool maintenance service for help resolving persistent algae problems without using copper algaecides.

  • Never clean a filter in the street, gutter, or storm drain.
  • Rinse cartridge filters onto a dirt area and spade filter residue into the soil.
  • Keep backwash discharges out of the street and storm drain. Backwash sand and diatomaceous earth filters onto a dirt area. Dispose of spent filter materials in the trash.
  • If you don't have a suitable dirt area, call Environmental Services at (408) 945-3000 for guidance.