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City Manager
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The City of San José operates under the Council / Manager form of government, a system that combines the policy leadership of an elected city council with the managerial expertise of an appointed city manager supported by a professional staff.

The City Manager's Office is responsible for the day-to-day oversight and management of all 15 City departments, including but not limited to:
  • Building and Code Enforcement
  • Environmental Services
  • Fire
  • Housing
  • Mineta San José International Airport
  • Planning
  • Police
  • Public Works
  • San José Public Library

In addition, the City Manager's Office directs the development and implementation of the City's over $3.2 billion annual operating and capital budgets, and coordinates public information and outreach.

  • Budget- The Budget Office provides fiscal and operational analysis and recommendations to the City Manager. Budget also reports on fiscal and operational issues, reports on City revenue collections and expenditures. The Budget office publishes the City’s principal budget documents.
  • Capital Improvement- The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is the City's public infrastructure program. CIP is responsible for to planning, designing and constructing community facilities. The CIP Action Team oversees the program by assisting with project challenges, tracking projects to ensure quality, on-time/on-budget goals are met, and providing a one-stop information resource on the CIP.
  • Economic Development- The Office of Economic Development (OED) guides the City's economic strategy, provides assistance to foster business success, and helps connect employers with trained workers.
  • Employee Relations- The Office of Employee Relations encourages effective employee relations, supports a positive, productive, and respectful work environment, and enhances the City's ability to deliver efficient, quality customer service.