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Evaluating & Investigating Complaints
Handling Complaints
The City’s goal and objective is to obtain complete, thorough, and expeditious investigations and evaluations of complaints, which are filed with the City’s Board of Fair Campaign and Political Practices. The investigations and evaluations of complaints must be conducted within the highest legal and ethical standards. The evaluations and investigations must include in depth and sound analysis of the facts and legal issues relating to complaints alleging violations of the “Ethics Ordinances” contained in Title 12 of the San José Municipal Code including the City of San José Campaign Contribution Ordinance (Chapter 12.06 of the San José Municipal Code).

The Board prepares and issues Requests for Proposals for an evaluator/investigator in advance of the election cycle. An evaluator must have a legal background and experience with ethics, election or political law. An investigator must have experience in investigative practices and procedures including skills in obtaining information and facts through interview, questioning and observation. The evaluator/investigator must be neutral and impartial and must not appear to have any reason for any bias or favoritism towards any councilmember or candidate in any way. The evaluation and investigation process, including the report and recommendations of the investigator, will be required to be done on an expedited basis.

Learn more at the California Fair Political Practices Commission website.