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Political Change
In November 1978, San Jose voters passed Measure F, which brought about "a metamorphosis of City politics unparalleled since the reforms at the turn of the century," according to a San Jose Mercury News special report at the time. This ballot measure instituted San Jose's current legislative structure of ten City Council Districts and the mayor. Formerly, a seven-member council (including the mayor) was elected by all the voters citywide.

Since 1978, voters have elected council members from among candidates living within their district, plus the mayor who is elected at large citywide. Thus, the San Jose City Council was expanded from seven to eleven. With the subsequent release of decennial census data by the US Census Bureau in the years 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010, City Council District boundaries have been adjusted to meet legal requirements and San Jose's own redistricting criteria.

View the City Council District maps below that are based upon the 2011 Redistricting process using Census 2010 data.