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Building Permit Holders
Disposing of Construction & Demolition Waste
To comply with the CDD program, simply use an authorized hauler or self-haul your Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste to a certified waste diversion facility, reuse it, and/or donate it for reuse. Then submit your weight tags and/or donation receipts to the City for verification. At least 75 percent of your C&D waste must be diverted to a certified facility, reused, or donated for reuse.  

California Green Buildings Standards Code (CALGreen)
If your project is subject to the CALGreen Building Code, you pay a non-refundable flat fee. You must comply with the CDD program to receive a Certificate of Final Occupancy. As an option, the establishment and proof of adherence to a waste management plan is sufficient in meeting CALGreen documentation requirements.

All Other Building Codes
If your project falls under other Building Codes, it may be subject to the CDD deposit program. In that case you would pay a refundable deposit and refunds must be initiated within 365 days of any type of permit inactivity. Approved refunds will be issued within 90 days of submittal.

Contact the Building Department if you have questions about the Building Code to which your project is subject.

Material Hauled to a Waste Facility
  • You can haul your C&D waste to a City-certified waste diversion facility yourself or use a City-authorized hauler.
  • If you elect to use an authorized hauler, instruct your hauler to take all project construction and demolition debris to a City-certified C&D waste facility.
  • Inform the facility that the waste is C&D debris and instruct the facility to include the project’s building permit number and/or project address on all weight tags. Permit numbers cannot be handwritten unless written by the facility.
  • Keep all weight tags with the project’s building permit number and/or project address listed on them.
  • Submit the permit receipt, all weight tags, and the completed CDD application to the City.
  • For projects subject to the CALGreen Building Standards Code, a CDD Final Sign-off is required. Call (408) 535-8566 to schedule an appointment. 

Material Donation or Re-Use 
  • Prepare a one-page written description if materials were reused or donated or if no excess materials were generated.
  • Attach photographs of salvaged materials.
  • If the material was donated, ask the recipient to provide donation receipts with the permit number and/or project address. Submit the permit receipt, one-page description, photos, donation receipts, and the completed CDD application to the City.
  • Include the project’s building permit number on all pages.
  • For projects subject to the CALGreen Building Standards Code, a CDD Final Sign-off is required. Call (408) 535-8566 to schedule an appointment.