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Long-Term Disability Insurance
Long-Term Disability Insurance Information
Optional long-term disability (LTD) insurance is provided through the City’s group policy with The Standard Insurance Company.

Employees should note that the City does not contribute to State Disability Insurance (SDI). City of San Jose employees are not covered under California State Disability Insurance programs. The City’s LTD insurance policy covers employees for up to two thirds of their gross monthly salary if they become unable to work due to work or non-work related disabilities. This coverage is in lieu of SDI and is 100% employee paid.

Individuals may select between two plans.  The two plans provide identical benefits, with the following exceptions:
  • LTD-30 Plan: If an individual elects coverage under the LTD-30 Plan and becomes disabled, benefits begin after 30 days of continuous disability.  There is no preexisting condition exclusion under this plan, and there is no requirement to participate in a rehabilitation plan.
  • LTD-60 Plan:  If an individual elects coverage under the LTD-60 Plan and becomes disabled, benefits begin after 60 days of continuous disability.  The individual will be subject to a preexisting condition exclusion under this plan, and may be required to participate in a rehabilitation plan if able to do so.

                LTD Brochure
                LTD Certificate
LTD Evidence of Insurability (EEOI)
                LTD Claims Frequently Asked Questions
LTD Frequently Asked Questions - Maternity

                Enrollment Form - This enrollment form can be used for enrolling in the LTD
                plans if there is a mid year qualifying event or for switching from the LTD-30
                plan to the LTD-60 plan at any time.

                Medical History Statement - Used for enrolling outside of an employee's 30
                day benefits eligibility window, the Medical History Statement can be mailed
                directly to Standard Insurance at the address in the top right corner of the
                page.  Keep a copy for your records. 

Filing A Claim
An employee may complete the claim telephonically (preferred method) or online. 

Please note:
 Your department timekeeper must complete the Timekeeper's Statement and send it to HR in order for the Employer's Statement portion of the claim to be completed.

Timekeeper's Statement.

Full-time (except Temporary Unclassified) and part-time benefited employees may enroll themselves in one of the City’s long-term disability plans.

Employee contribution amounts are subject to change each year in January in accordance with contract renewals. Employee contributions toward monthly premiums are calculated as a percentage of annual salary and will vary amongst participants. 

For information about Long Term Disability contact Human Resources - Employee Benefits at .