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Report a Noisy Animal
Noisy Animals are a Public Nuisance
Barking dogs drive people crazy. It is the number one complaint received by animal services agencies around the country. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, the most common being isolation and boredom. Many owners may not know that letting their dog bark incessantly is against the law.
  • Ordinance 28079: 7.40.010 Public Nuisance A. No owner / guardian or person with a right to control the animal may allow the animal to commit any of the following acts:
    4. Habitually disturb the peace and quietude of any neighborhood or person, by howling, barking, crying, baying, or making any other noise.

Dealing with a Noisy Animal

There are many things people can do to stop their dogs from barking and disturbing the neighbors. The very first thing that needs to happen, however, is they must be told about the problem. The best way to do this is to calmly talk to your neighbor and let them know about the problem. Give them a chance to correct the situation.

An easy solution for owners of noisy animals is for them to keep the dog inside the house. This way the dog is not so isolated and less likely to respond to birds, squirrels, and people walking by. There are many resources out there to help people with their pet behavior problems including books, obedience classes, and professional dog trainers.

If you are unsuccessful in working the problem out with your neighbor you can contact Animal Care & Services to help you. 
  1. Call (408) 794-7297 to speak with a Field Services Dispatcher and have a case number created by providing the animal   owner's address and your contact information.
  2. Once you have received your case packet in the mail, follow the instructions included in the informational letter that will be enclosed with the petition and log forms.
  3. After steps 1 and 2, if you are in need of extra Nuisance Petition and Log forms you can download them.
If someone files a noisy animal report against your dog, you may submit a rebuttal form to the City of San José.