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On June 3, 2008, the City Council adopted a framework for engaging in and evaluating demonstration partnerships with the aim of developing, testing, and demonstrating innovative solutions in San José in support of the City's Economic Development Strategy and City operations. Through these partnerships, we hope to create new markets and new jobs and/or support existing local innovators; advance the City's Green Vision and Economic Development Strategy; and educate the public about innovative solutions.

This policy allows the City to enter into a Demonstration Partnership Agreement with the purpose of testing, evaluating and/or demonstrating innovative solutions where these partnerships follow set goals and meet the requirements of established guiding principles. The City may consider partnerships that temporarily utilize City owned land, facilities, equipment, rights-of-way, and data, provide financial assistance and/or absorb some costs for project implementation, require agreement to non-disclosure statements and request City Council to exempt the project from certain City policies.
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To learn more about the Demonstration Partnership program:

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Other Opportunities with the City
Local and Small Business Preference
The City of San José's local and small business preference policy encourages local companies to do business with the City and speed the growth of jobs for San José residents. The policy builds on the City's ongoing work to improve the City's systems for purchasing goods and services.