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City Hall Falcons
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Falcon Facts
Peregrine Falcons 
  • Fastest animal on the planet (dives at 250-300 mph to catch birds in the air)
  • Nests on tall cliff faces or other structures that dominate the landscape
  • Nest-cup is a “scrape” in dirt or gravel on cliff ledge
  • Incubates eggs 34 days
  • Young fledge at 6 weeks of age
  • Young eventually (6-8 weeks) leave parent’s nest territory

University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) Role (Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group)
  • To provide educational outreach services to school &and community groups in San José about peregrine falcons
  • To provide expert advice to the City regarding peregrines

Peregrine Falcon History
  • Peregrine falcons were near extinction by 1970 due to environmental contamination by the persistent pesticide, DDT.
  • The Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group at UCSC was formed in 1975 to address this environmental crisis. Today, it continues to address problems and conduct research.