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Property Managers and Building Engineers
The California Health and Safety Code and State Fire Marshal mandate that all High Rise buildings be inspected on an annual basis. All high-rise structures in the City of San José shall be in compliance with the applicable State and local fire code requirements. A High rise building is defined by the Health and Safety Code Section 13210 as, "every building of any type of construction or occupancy having floors used for human occupancy located more than 75 feet above the lowest floor level having building access." 

Required Documents
Effective January 1, 2013 every high rise building in the City of San José shall be required to maintain a RED binder labeled "SJFD" in the fire control room or another accessible location. This binder shall contain building emergency contact information and all pertinent fire department inspection and testing documents. The binder shall be made available to the fire code official upon request. For a more complete list of required documentation refer to the Emergency Equipment test records list and the High Rise Checklist.

Prepare for your inspection
In preparation for your annual inspection please conduct a pre-inspection of your building using this checklist of common violations to ensure the basic fire safety compliance regulations are met. Inspections can be scheduled by calling the Bureau of Fire Prevention during normal business hours at (408) 535-7750. Please utilize the inspection district maps to identify which district your building is located in to so your call will be directed to the appropriate inspector.