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Service Delivery Evaluations
2013 - 2014 Service Delivery Evaluations
The City regularly reviews the services we provide to residents to ensure that they are being delivered in the most cost effective manner possible.  In doing this, we use an efficient and transparent process to evaluate how services are delivered, and as part of any review, we provide an opportunity for interested members of the public to give input into the review process.  To ensure that the review process results in quality, cost effective services and that the City leverages the unique strengths of public, private, and nonprofit sectors in service delivery, a consistent set of evaluation criteria are used.
Council Policy 0-41, Service Delivery Evaluation provides the City’s decision-making framework for evaluating service delivery.

Business Case Analysis
The Policy requires a business case analysis to be undertaken if a proposed service delivery change is expected to result in the addition, deletion, or reclassification of four or more full time equivalent positions.  The purpose of the business case analysis is to determine the feasibility of alternative service delivery as well as develop the Administration’s recommendation to the City Council regarding the applicability of Council Policy 0-29, Public-Private Competition Policy.  As part of the 2013 - 2014 budget process, the Administration reviews other changes to service delivery which affect less than four full time employees. These service delivery changes are presented for City Council consideration as part of the 2013 - 2014 Proposed Operating Budget.

As part of the 2013 - 2014 Proposed Budget process, two service areas were identified for a business case analysis as summarized in the Information Memorandum
released on March 1, 2013.  The business cases are posted as they are completed and are updated periodically as new information becomes available and the analysis is refined.  Stakeholder meetings are held to discuss the preliminary findings and are noticed below.


Service Area

Stakeholder Meetings

Office of Economic Development

Final Business Case Analysis: work2future Client Service Delivery


Environmental Services/Finance/Information Technology

Recycle Plus Billing and Customer Services
Posted September 20, 2012

Meet and Confer with affected Bargaining Units:
  • Met with MEF and CEO on October 29th
  • Met with CAMP on November 29th  

Meetings with Residential Haulers:

  • Meetings held on August 28th and September 19th
  • Meetings scheduled: March 5th and March 22nd