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The Hetch-Hetchy Trail is located in north San José and is envisioned as a cross-town link between the Guadalupe River and Coyote Creek trails.


The Hetch-Hetchy Trail runs over the City of San Francisco's Hetch-Hetchy Aqueduct in north San José. The developed portion of the trail runs through a business park setting, much of it through parking lots. There are several street crossings along the route. With further development, the Hetch-Hetchy Trail has the potential to connect the Coyote Creek Trail with the Lower Guadalupe River Trail.


0.5 mile (2,640') currently. 
1.7 mile (8,670') when fully developed. 


Planning Documents

There are no studies or master plans prepared for this trail system.  


The trail is not designated as part of a state or national trail system.