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Los Gatos Creek

The Los Gatos Creek Trail system extends from downtown San José to the hills above Los Gatos Creek.  On-street travel along bike lanes on Willow Street is required to travel between downtown and west San José.  

The Downtown reach of the trail extends from San Carlos Street (frontage road) to Lonus Street. 
The western reach of the trail extends from Meridian Avenue, travels through Campbell and Los Gatos to reach Lexington Dam.

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The trail system follows the waterway along both reaches.  The west San José reach that extends to Lexington Reservoir is very popular on weekdays and weekends.  Shopping and dining in Campbell and Los Gatos make it possible to spend a day exploring the trail.  



1.9 miles from San Carlos Street to Lonus Street (within San José)
9.3 miles from Meridian Avenue to Lexington Dam (within San José, Campbell, Los Gatos, and the County)



Planning Documents

Los Gatos Creek Master Plan - Entire trail system (From Los Gatos to Downtown San Jose) 
Los Gatos Creek Master Plan - Downtown (Reach 5, from Auzerais Avenue to Guadalupe River)


The trail is not part of a regional, state or nationally-recognized trail system.