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Transportation Analysis Reports
Transportation Analysis Reports

In alignment with State of California Senate Bill 743 (SB 743), the City of San Jose’s Transportation Impact Policy, Council Policy 5-3 has been replaced with a new Transportation Analysis Policy, Council Policy 5-1.  The new transportation policy establishes the thresholds for transportation impact under California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) removing Level of Service (LOS) and replacing with Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT).  The new Transportation Analysis Policy is in effect on March 29, 2018.

Transportation Analysis (TA) reports are prepared to ensure that new development projects comply with all applicable transportation policies and regulations. As part of the environmental review process, a TA must be prepared in order to comply with the City of San José's transportation policy, any area development policy, and the Congestion Management Program. The TA will identify the impact of the proposed development on the surrounding transportation network, as well as the specific development impacts and any required mitigation measures. 

Typically, TA's are prepared by a traffic consultant hired by the applicant. Division staff, working closely with the consultant, identify intersections to be studied and provide available existing and background information. Upon submittal of the completed traffic report and the traffic review fee to the city, staff will review the consultant's analysis to ensure compliance with the city's transportation policy, any transportation policies unique to the area (i.e., Evergreen, North San José, Edenvale), and the Congestion Management Program. After review, the TA becomes part of the environmental documentation necessary for project approval.

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