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Five Wounds/Brookwood Terrace Improvement Projects
If you have an idea for an Improvement Project, please contact .

Current Improvement Projects

Projects  Description Anticipated
Street Lights 25 new luminaries will be installed and replace 15 existing luminaries; location on 24th Street 6/2016
Embossed Crosswalks  24th Street and Bulldog Boulevard and at 33rd Street and Berrywood Drive at San José High School.  In addition, wheelchair ramps will also be installed at the same locations. 6/2016
Tot Lot lights to be converted to LED lights  Location at Forestdale Avenue   6/2016
1) Trail Paving
2) McKinley Center  
Working with the school district and City of San José Real Estate for land swap; location on 22nd Street TBD 
Gates, Bollard, and Boulders (Olinder Park/Remillard) Steel Fence and boulders will be installed; location on Coyote Creek Trail. Completed 
Street lights converted to LED lights  Olinder (164), Bonita (181), McKinley (59), Five Wounds (39), Roosevelt Park - south (96), Rosevelt Park - north (84), Wooster/East West Courts (27), Anne Darling (36), Little Portugal (117), and San Jose Steel (26). Total of 829 street lights. Completed
School and Neighborhood Art Art walk - mural, utility box, solar compactors, and storm drains that starts along the sidewalk at SJHS and ends at Coyote Creek.  Completed
Flashing beacons and small median island  Anne Darling Elementary - 3rd Street at Berrywood - enhanced with flashing beacons (up to 3) and small median islands (2) to narrow the crossing distance.  6/2016
Jeannie/Forestdale Neighborhood: Road Humps  Five road humps will be installed in Jeannie and Forestdale Avenues. Completed
ADA Pedestrian Improvements  Installation of new curb ramps and retrofit curbs 12/2016