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Address Assignment
Address Assignment Request
Download the Address Assignment Request form
Outlined below is information regarding the assignment of addresses. Please follow the instructions on the Address Assignment Request form when you are ready to proceed with a request for an address.

New Construction/Developments
When construction of any new development is proposed, an addressing process is required to establish new addresses. New addresses are assigned consistent with the existing addresses and the city-wide numbering grid.

Applicants should submit an Address Assignment Request for large developments concurrent with the planning permit process. For smaller projects, applicants can submit the request during the building plan review process.

Once addresses are assigned, city staff will prepare an addressing notice and send it to the US Post Office, Santa Clara County Assessor, utility companies, emergency services, and city departments.

Failure to apply for the Address Assignment application may delay the issuance of a building permit.

Building Demolitions
If a new building is to replace a demolished building and there is no change in use, the existing address is assigned to the new building. If a new building replaces a demolished building and there is a change in use, the existing building address is retired and a new address assigned to the new development.

Changing Existing Addresses
Existing address numbers will be changed only if one of the following reasons applies:
  • There is an entry change on a corner lot where building permits are issued for a remodel.
  • You have documentation that demonstrates difficulty in receiving mail or emergency services.

Addressing Limitations
There are limitations to how addresses can be assigned. These include:
  • Multi-tenant buildings. Multi-tenant buildings will have one street address with suite numbers for tenant spaces, and one address is assigned per tenant space.
  • Vacant lots. Addresses are not assigned to empty lots or vacant land until plans for development are submitted.
  • Work must be proposed. Addresses will only be assigned when new development or alteration work is proposed.
  • No alpha letters or hyphenation allowed. Beginning in 1984, the City ceased allowing alpha designations or hyphenations as part of the address. Examples of such addresses: 12A Elm Street; 27-B Main Street; or 100 Central Avenue, Unit A.

Address Number Size and Placement
Address numbers must be must be visible and legible from the street. See the Fire Department's guidelines for adequate address number dimensions and placement.

A fee of $372.00 with a two-hour minimum will be assessed per request to process the addressing assignment. The minimum fee is collected when the application is submitted.

Appointments are required to submit your request package. For an appointment or for questions concerning addressing, please contact:

Kristi Ojigho