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Council Report - 2006 Archive
2006 Archive
Date Source Subject
12/12/06 CC CDBG Citizen Participation Plan
12/12/06 CC Funding Commitment for the Fairgrounds Senior Housing Project
12/12/06 CC Land Acquisition Loans for Affordable Housing Projects
12/12/06  CC Acceptance of the Annual Progress Report on the Implementation of the San Jose 2020 General Plan Housing Element
12/12/06  CC Funding Commitments from the Housing Trust Fund 2006 Third Round Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)
 12/12/06 CC Amendment of Regulatory Agreement and Sale of the Kimberly Woods Apartments
 12/5/06 CC An Ordinance of the City of San Jose Extending the Secondary Residential Unit Pilot Program -- Supplemental
 11/27/06 DSE Affordable Housing Goals, Accomplishments and Forecasts
11/27/06  DSE Housing Indicators Report
11/20/06  BSN Illegal Secondary Residential Units
11/14/06 CC Approval of Funding for the Implementation of a Two-Year "Promoting Growth and Early Self-Sufficiency" (PROGRESS) Program for Chronically Homeless Individuals or Families
 10/23/06 DSE Annual Report Detailing Activities in the Housing Department's Homeless Services Program
10/17/06  CC Approval to Enter Into Exclusive Negotiations and to Execute an Option Agreement for the Purchase of the City-Owned Evans Lane Site
10/17/06  CC Approval of Housing Rehabilitation Assistance up to $147,500 for Repairs to the Home at Whitton Avenue
 10/17/06 CC Consolidation of the CDBG Steering Committee with the HAC -- Supplemental -- Memo from Councilmember Cortese
9/26/06 CC Federal Reporting Requirements & Adoption of Policies Regarding Section 3, MBE/WBE
9/26/06  CC Final Hearing on the Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) for FY 05-06 - Supplemental
9/19/06  CC Updates to Housing Department FY 06-07 Budget
 9/19/06 CC HR 5543, HR5576, and S 3508 Legislation Related to Moving to Work and Reform of the Section 8 Program - Supplemental
 9/12/06 CC Change in the Unit Affordability Mix for the Edenvale Special Needs Apartments
9/6/06  Rules HR 5443, HR 5576, and S 3508 Legislation Related to Moving to Work and Reform of the Section 8 Program
 8/23/06 Rules Proposition 1C - The Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006
8/15/06  CC Public Hearing to Approve a DDA for the Sale and Conveyance of City-Owned Property for the Development of the New Casa Feliz - Supplemental
8/10/06  SS Updates to Housing Department FY 06-07 Budget
8/8/06  CC Approval of Additional Funding of up to $4,271,125 to Sunset Square, L.P., for the Rehabilitation and Financial Restructuring of Sunset Square Apartments
8/2/06  Rules SB 423 (Simitian) Allowing Energy Service Providers to Gift Energy to Nonprofits
6/27/06  CC Agreement with AmeriNational Community Services Inc. to Provide Loan Servicing and Funds-Disbursement Services to the Housing Department and a Related Budget Appropriation Action
 6/27/06 CC Authorization to Purchase Property from the State of California, Department of Transportation for the Development of Affordable Housing -- Supplemental
 6/27/06 CC Acceptance of a Summary 33433 Report for the Development Block 8 and Approval of a Disposition and Development Agreement with City Front Square, LLC, and Casa Del Pueblo Preservation Limited Partnership, for a Mixed-Use Residential High Rise Project -- Attachment 
6/26/06  DSE Housing Indicators Report
 6/26/06 DSE Secondary Units Mid-Year Update
 6/26/06 DSE Affordable Housing Funding and Production Update 2006
 6/23/06 SS Coyote Valley Specific Plan Draft Affordable Housing Program
 6/20/06 CC Approval of an Extension of the HSP Contract to EHC Lifebuilders, Sacred Heart Community Service, and InnVision the Way Home, to Provide Services to the Homeless Population and to Those At-Risk of Homelessness
6/19/06  BSN Neighborhood Housing Rehabilitation Program and SNI Demonstration Projects Status Report
 6/19/06 BSN Secondary Units Mid-Year Report
 6/14/06 Rules AB 2634 (Lieber)
6/14/06  Rules State Housing Legislation
6/6/06  CC Transfer of Control Over City Property at 1608 Las Plumas Avenue
6/6/06  CC Funding Commitments from the Housing Department's HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) NOFA
5/9/06  CC Final Public Hearing and Approval of the Annual Action Plan 2006-2007 -- Supplemental
 5/9/06 CC Construction Tax Suspension for Very Low-Income Housing
 5/3/06 Rules State Housing Legislation
4/24/06  DSE Fair Housing and Predatory Lending Education Update
4/12/06  DSE CDBG Formula Changes
 4/11/06 CC Public Hearing of the Consolidated Plan - Annual Action Plan for FY 2006-07 -- Supplemental
 4/11/06 CC Appointment of the City Homeless Coordinator to the State of California's Policy Academy on Individuals and Families Experiencing Chronic Homelessness
 3/27/06 DSE Federal Tax Reform Impact on San Jose
 3/21/06 CC Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing the Director of Housing to Accept BEGIN Housing Program Grants from the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development
3/14/06  CC Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing the Director of Housing to Submit a Grant Application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Community Development for the Workforce Housing Reward Program
 3/14/06 CC Park Impact Fee Suspension for Secondary Units
3/9/06  ACA Teacher Housing Teacher Recruitment Status Report
2/28/06  CC Funding Commitments from the Housing Trust Fund 2005 Second Round NOFA
2/27/06  DSE Rental Insurance Outreach Plan
 2/22/06 Rules Statewide Infrastructure Bonds: Affordable Housing
 1/10/06 CC Creation of a City/San Jose State University Pilot Homeownership Program for University Faculty