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2013 Agendas & Minutes
Agendas and Minutes for the Treatment Plant Advisory Committee

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2013 Agendas  2013 Minutes 
12-12-13 Agenda 

Attachment - Security Guard Agreement

12-12-13 Minutes
 11-14-13 Agenda
Presentation: Co Gen Facility
Presentation: Plant Master Plan
 11-14-13 Minutes
 10-10-13 Agenda

 10-10-13 Minutes
 09-12-13 Agenda

Follow Up Items from 09-12-13 Meeting: Digesters

1 San Jose Cover - Technical Report for Digesters

2 Letter

3 Final Report

4 SJ FOG Program Evaluation

5 Design Criteria for Digester Remodel

6 Structural Evaluation

7 Cover and Mixing System

8 Digester Piping Gallery Ventillation

9 Digester Heating and Mechanical Model

10 Gas Piping Connections Modifications

11 Electrical and Instrumentation

12 Struvite Formation and Control

13 Implementation Plan

14 DAFT Alternatives

Follow Up Items from 09-12-13 Meeting: Summary of Selection Process for Brown & Caldwell

Selection Process for the Digester and Gas Line Rehabilitation Services RFQ

RFQ Evaluation Criteria Digester Gas Line Services

Final Notice of Intended Award RFQ 2-2-13

Follow Up Item: Summary of Selection Process for MWH

Selection Process for Program Management Services

RFQ_Addendum_Program Management Services

RFQ_Evaluation Criteria_Program Management Services

Scoring for Program Management Services

 09-12-13 Minutes
 08-15-13 Agenda  08-15-13 Minutes
 06-13-13 Agenda  06-13-13 Minutes
 05-16-13 Agenda
 05-16-13 Minutes
 04-11-13 Agenda  04-11-13 Minutes
 03-25-13 Agenda  03-25-13 Minutes
 03-14-13 Agenda Cancelled  
 02-14-13 Agenda  02-14-13 Amended Minutes
 01-10-13 Agenda  01-10-13 Minutes

* Amended