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Water Saving Tips
Let's make water efficiency a way of life.

Save Water Indoors
View this water savings table to see how many gallons you can save by taking simple steps.

Fix Water Leaks
Learn how to find water leaks and save water in your home.

Save Water Outdoors
One of the easiest places to save water is outdoors. About half of the typical water bill can be from outdoor water use. Water less outdoors and save money!

When to Water
Visit South Bay Green Gardens to determine irrigation needs. Change outdoor watering schedules as the weather changes; in the fall, reduce watering to give plants about half of their summer water.

Financing Water Efficiency Upgrades
There are many options and resources available for financing water efficiency upgrades.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District offers rebate programs that can help residents and businesses save water.

This chart illustrates how to adjust outdoor watering for different seasons.