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Council Reports - 2014 Archive

2014 Archive
Date Source Subject
12/16/14 CC  General Plan Amendment: Modify Goal H2 - Affordable Housing
12/16/14 CC
12/2/14 CC Contract Amendment with Health Trust as Fiscal Agent for Destination Home for Services to End Homelessness
12/2/14 CC Seventh Amendment to the Agreement with Amerinational Community Services Inc. for Loan Servicing and Funds-Disbursement Services for the Housing Department's Single Family Loan Portfolio
11/18/14 CC  North San Pedro Housing Project - Amendment to the Amended and Restated Off-Site Improvement and Disbursement Agreement and City of San Jose Land Acquisition for an Affordable Housing Project
11/18/14 CC Adoption of a Resolution or Approval of an Ordinance Establishing a Housing Impact Fee Program - Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Supplemental Report
11/17/14 CED Community Plan to End Homelessness - Attachment
11/13/14 NSE Place-Based Initiative Neighborhood Strategy Report
10/7/14 CC Issuance of Tax Exempt Bonds and Related Actions for Parkview Family Apartments and Parkview Senior Apartments - Supplemental Memo
9/30/14 CC Submittal of City's Draft 2014-23 Housing Element to the California Department of Housing and Community Development
9/22/14 CED Homeless Housing: Potential Tools for Addressing Homelessness
9/16/14 CC Public Hearing on the FY 2013-14 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) and Approval of the Document - Supplemental Report
9/16/14 CC Approval of the Issuance of a Tax-Exempt Multifamily Housing Revenue Notes and Loan of Note Proceeds and Related Documents for the Cambrian Center Project - Supplemental Report
9/9/14 CC Second Continuation to the Agreement with HomeFirst to Continue Implementation of the Downtown Homeless Outreach and Engagement Program
9/9/14 CC Approve and Accept Loan Payoff and Release of Affordability Restrictions on a City Loan made to Varun Shah
8/25/14 CED City Manager's Downtown Advisory Committee (Street Behavior and Homeless Services) Update
6/17/14 CC Approval of Revised Easement and Subordination Agreement for the Vintage Towers Apartments Project -- Supplemental Report
6/17/14 CC 110 Roundtable Drive Fire Restoration
6/17/14 CC Conditional Grant Commitment to Housing for Independent People Rehabilitation Project
6/17/14 CC Approval of a Construction/Permanent Loan Commitment and a Predevelopment Loan to First Community Housing for the Development of the Second Street Studio Apartments
6/17/14 CC Contracts with the Health Trust to Serve as the City's Rental Subsidy Program Administrator
6/17/14 CC Approval of a Construction/Permanent Loan Commitment and an Increase to the Predevelopment Loan for the Metropolitan Apartments North Phase
6/12/14 NSE Homelessness Response Team Update - Presentation
6/10/14 CC Exclusive Negotiation Agreement and Predevelopment Loan to Abode Service for Rehabilitation of the Vermont House
6/3/14 CC Approval of an Amendment to the Agreement with InnVision Shelter Network for the Maintenance and Operations of the Haven Disaster Relief Shelter
6/3/14 CC Sixth Amendment to the Agreement with Amerinational Community Services Inc. for Loan Servicing and Funds-Disbursement Services for the Housing Department's Single Family Loan Portfolio
5/20/14 CC Funding Commitment for Creekview Inn Apartments Rehabilitation Project
5/19/14 CED Micro-Housing - Presentation
5/7/14 Rules Findings for a Temporary Moratorium on Mobilehome Conversion
4/29/14 CC Amendment to the Citizen Participation Plan
4/29/14 CC
4/29/14 CC Housing and Community Development Commission Appointments
4/15/14 CC TEFRA Hearing for the Issuance of Tax-Exempt Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds by the California Statewide Communities Development Authority to Construct the Charlotte Drive Apartments and the Lexington Apartments Projects in San Jose
3/24/14 CED Pilot Program to Convert Underutilized Commercial Buildings and Hotels/Motels to House the Homeless -- Presentation
3/24/14 CED Housing Plans -- Presentation
3/18/14 CC Support for the Moving to Work 2015 Annual Plan and an Update on the Collaboration Between the City of San Jose Housing Authority and the Housing Authority of Santa Clara County
3/18/14 CC Acceptance of the Annual Progress Report on the Implementation of the San Jose General Plan Housing Element Update
3/18/14 CC
2/24/14 CED The Use of Underutilized Hotels/Motels to House the Homeless - Exhibit A - Presentation
2/13/14 NSE Neighborhood Engagement -- Presentation
2/11/14 CC
2/11/14 CC Contract with San Jose Streets Team to Serve as Place-Based Rapid Re-Housing Program Service Administrator
1/14/14 CC Approval of a Funding Increase to the Agreements for Administrative Hearing Officers Pursuant to San Jose Municipal Code Chapters 17.22 and 17.33 for the Housing Department's Rental Rights and Referrals Program
1/14/14 CC Application to the State of California for Grant Funding From the Housing Related Parks Program

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