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2014 Pride of San José Honorees
2014 Pride of San José Honorees Recognized at the 2015 State of the City Celebration

Mayor Sam Liccardo recognized recipients of 2014 Pride of San José Awards, along with honorees from each of the Council Districts, at the 2015 State of the City Celebration that took place on the morning of March 14 at the Independence High School’s Gym. The Pride of San José honorees represent the highest level of public service and commitment to the City of San José and its residents. Honorees are chosen by the City Manager from nominations submitted by Department Directors and other Council Appointees.

Interim City Manager Norberto Dueñas selected the following five teams for the 2014 Pride of San José awards based upon the Employee Values of Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration, Respect and Celebration. Below you will find all of the honorees listed along with the project descriptions.

Officer Anthony Kilmer

Officer Anthony KilmerThroughout his 13-year career with the San José Police Department, Officer Anthony Kilmer has demonstrated excellence in every assignment. Most notably, he has developed widely recognized expertise in the area of combating and preventing gang crime. Officer Kilmer has worked at Overfelt High School for many years, where he developed relationships with staff and student, and helped young people stay in school and out of trouble. He even created an initiative to provide unclaimed bicycles stored by police to students in need of transportation, thereby improving their school attendance.

Building Better Streets Team

Building Better StreetsThanks to staff from the Department of Transportation, Department of Public Works, and the City’s Intergovernmental Relations Office, The Alameda and Monterey Road transformed from poorly maintained state highways to safe, attractive streets serving pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit, and autos. With legislative assistance from State Senator Jim Beall, the roads are now under local control, and staff obtained $12 million in federal funds to resurface the roads with smooth and quiet asphalt made from recycled tires; improve crosswalks, lighting, and landscaping on The Alameda, and enhance Monterey Road with buffered bike lanes.

Team members: Adolfo Alvarez, Alisa Rappleye, Armando Gonzales, Betsy Shotwell, Dave Baggese, Donna Santiago, Erwin Wong, Francis Guevarra, Frank Farshidi, Hans Larsen, Jair Camacho, John Raaymakers, John Burchfiel, John Snyder, Kelly Doyle, Kevin O'Connor, Lam Cruz, Noe Veloso, Ramon Montenegro, Ray Salvano, Ricardo Morales, Ricardo Valdes, Richard Avalos, Rick Scherger, Roshan Shukla, Roxanne Miller, Sal Kumar, Sally Salman, Scott Arnold, Zahi Khattab, Zahir Gulzadah

Homelessness Response Team

Homelessness Response TeamThis interdepartmental team carried out a difficult, complex, and sensitive plan to rehouse hundreds of people living in an encampment along Coyote Creek near Story Road, where they faced dangerous, unsanitary, and unhealthy conditions. Partnering with community and government organizations, and leveraging funding and services, this team worked with respect and sensitivity for those they worked with. Today, 172 people have moved into homes, and 80 are on the path to housing. More than 600 tons of trash was removed from Coyote Creek, and plans are underway to restore the area.

Team members: Art Nino, Bill Fall, Cindy Rebhan, David Vossbrink, Duncan Skinner, Ed Ramirez, Jacky Morales-Ferrand, James Randol, Jay Terrado, Jon Cicirelli, Kelly Hemphill, Liz Neves, Michelle Covert, Napp Fukuda, Pam Helmke, Pau Ledesma, Ray Bramson, Salvador Alvarez, Sharon Newton, Sharon Martin, Spiros Kolomvotos, William Steen

San José Recreation Preschool Team

San JoseRecreation Preschool TeamFor three decades, the City’s recreation programs for preschool children earned an outstanding reputation for quality, however, in recent years, enrollment began to drop. This team from our Department of Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services worked to determine why and find solutions. They restructured the programs to meet parents’ changing needs and expectations; adjusted schedules and curriculum; invested in professional development for instructors; and aligned programs with statewide standards for academic and social achievement. Now enrollment is at 95 percent of capacity, and parents are reserving spots for 2016!

Team members: Bina Bhatt, Carol Gavin, Christine Thomas, Christy Krammer, Danielle Robinson, Debra Houston, Guadalupe Morin, Hal Spangenberg, Hemangini Triveda, Justin Beck, Laura Reeves, Linda Morales, Maria Gardner, Mary O'Meara, Mary Victorine, Michelle Zarate, Nabila Quresha, Natta Tannitad, Phyllis Sotello, Sandhya Jain, Shelley Roth, Yolanda Ortiz

WorkForce Support and Development Team

WorkForce Support and Development TeamA cross-section of City employees from all departments and from all levels in the organization are reinventing, reimagining, and reinvigorating our entire approach to developing our workforce, from recruiting to succession planning. This team has looked for practical solutions to allow us to attract, hire, develop, and keep talented employees who are committed to quality public service. As a result, the WorkForce Team has helped rebuild trust, create mechanisms for creative problem-solving, and reignite the belief that every employee can help make a positive difference for the community and the City organization.

Team members: Alvin Galang, Angel Rios, Ashwini Kantak, Astra Kredel, Brian Clampitt, Carrie Rank, Cathy Morrey, Charles Paisley, Cheryl Parkman, Chris Donnelly, Chris Burton, Colleen Mulholand, Dann Bergman, Dave Sykes, Dave Delong, David Vossbrink, Emily Hendon, Hans Larsen, Harry Freitas, Jacky Morales-Ferrand, Jeff Ruster, Jennifer Schembri, Jessica Caballero, Jill Bourne, Jim Ortbal, Jim Shannon, John Lang, Jon Gire, Julie Edmonds-Mares, Kara Capaldo, Kari Davisson, Katherine Estrada, Kathy Lang, KathyTsukamoto, Kerrie Romanow, Kiely Nose, Kim Walesh, Kim Aguirre, Lauri Yarwasky, LaVerne Washington, Leanna Bieganski, Lee Wilcox, Lenka Wright, Linda Charfauros, Matt Cano, Matt Lambert, Matt Shelton, Michelle Thong, Olympia Williams, Paul Prange, Priscilla Cramer, Rachel VanderVeen, Reena Brilliott, Roberto Peña, Ron D'Acchioli, Russell Joyce, Sandra Castellano, Sandra Cranford, Sarah Nunes, Shawny Williams, Shelley Ha, Shirley Mata, Suzanne Wolf, Suzanne Hutchins, Teri Killgore, Tina Gonterman, Tina Kapoor, Vijay Sammeta, Walter Lin, Wayne Chen, Wayne Cohen, Yolanda Cruz, Zoe McChesney