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Affordable Rental Housing

If you are a prospective tenant and would like to find affordable rental properties in San José or to understand which affordable apartments you might qualify for, please visit the City’s Affordable Apartments webpage. For information about the Tenant-Based Rental Assistance program, please visit the City’s HOME Program page.

Income Limits 

Please note that HCD incomes in 2019 have increased by 9.73%. This follows on the heels of 7% and 11% in 2017 and 2018.  While these increases will help to improve operating margins for affordable housing properties, they can also have a large impact on the residents. We ask that you consider this impact on their rent burden as you plan rent increases in the upcoming year. 

The income limits for new rental housing developments assisted by the City of San José will depend on the funding source of the assistance:

Funding/Assistance Source

Program Name and Description

Income & Rent Limits

Income & Rent Limits Source

Redevelopment Funds or Funds Subject to California Redevelopment Law, including Inclusionary Housing

City of San José Loan Program for new affordable housing

2019 HCD Income & Rent Limits



HOME Low Income Rental Housing Development

2018 HOME Income & Rent Limits


Bond and/or Tax Credit Financing with HCD based restrictions

Bond and Tax Credit Funding

2019 HCD Income & Rent Limits


Bond and/or Tax Credit Financing only
 Bond and Tax Credit Funding 2019 MTSP Income Limits 

2019 Rent Limits Calculator


* CA HCD:  California Department of Housing and Community Development; ** HUD:  Department of Housing and Urban Development

For developments assisted by multiple funding sources with income restrictions, the most restrictive limits shall be applied in order to comply with all programs’ rules. 

If you are unsure about which income limits apply to your development, please contact the property manager. If you are unable to contact the property manager, please contact Tascha Mattos at the City of San José Housing Department for assistance. 

Rent limits
The monthly rent levels corresponding to the HCD income limits are also posted on the HCD Income Limits table above using the standard formula of 30% of monthly income.  Note that these rent calculations are for gross rents, including a reasonable utility allowance, which can be calculated using the Rent and Utility Matrix.  Current utility schedules are issued by the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara. The utility allowance relevant to the project's specific amenities must be subtracted from the gross rent to create the net rent that can be charged to the tenant. 

TCAC occupancy standards
The HCD Income Limits table above also includes the HCD rents and incomes using the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC) occupancy standards, as State law allows property owners to elect federal occupancy standards for an entire project if federal funding is involved.  This election can only be made once and cannot be changed.  If the owner does not explicitly elect federal occupancy standards in writing to the City, the City will continue to monitor according to HCD occupancy standards.