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Santana Row Expansion Project
File No. PDC13-050
Santana Row Expansion Project, consisting of a Planned Development Rezoning to:  a)  expand the Santana Row site by 1.91 acres by incorporating four adjacent parcels on Dudley Avenue into Santana Row; b)  an increase in office capacity by 510,000 square feet; c)  an increase retail capacity by 55,641 square feet; d) the demolition of three apartment buildings on Dudley Avenue, resulting in a transfer of 47 units of residential capacity for future residential development elsewhere on the Santana Row site; e) an increase in the maximum number of hotel rooms from 214 to 220 to allow an increase of six additional hotel rooms within the existing Hotel Valencia; and f)  the construction of a five-level parking garage; all on a 42.53 gross acre site.  The project also includes the addition of the intersection of Stevens Creek Boulevard and Monroe Street to the City’s list of Protected Intersections per the City’s Transportation Impact Policy (City Council Policy 5-3).

Santana Row, a site roughly bounded by Stevens Creek Boulevard to the north, S. Redwood Avenue and Hatton Street to the east, Tisch Way to the south, and Winchester Boulevard to the west. 

Project Documents

The following projects are subsequent to the approval of the Santana Row Expansion Project zoning

File No. PDC17-023, PD17-017, and PDA01-101-07
Santana Row Late Night Use and Replacement of Outdoor Restaurant/Retail Building.  The project consists of the following proposed Changes to the Santana Row site:  1)  A Conforming Planned Development Rezoning from the A(PD) Planned Development Zoning District to the A(PD) Planned Development Zoning District to allow late night use (12:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m.) excepting those uses within Lot 3A, Lot 4, Lot 6A, and Lot 12 on a 42.53 gross acre site; 2) a Planned Development Permit to allow late night use between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. for an existing restaurant (Roots and Rye) located in Santana Row on the west side of Santana Row Park; and 3) A Planned Development Permit Amendment to alter structures and landscaping in the south end of the Santana Row median, including the demolition of three existing outdoor retail/restaurant structures totaling about 707 square feet and development of a new outdoor retail structure of about 1,500 square feet; all on a 42.53 gross acre site.

File No. PDC15-068
Santana Row Lot 17.  Planned Development Permit to allow for the demolition of three existing multi-family attached residential buildings with a total of 47 units and the construction of a five-story, maximum 112 unit multi-family attached residential building on a 0.99 gross acre site. 

Location:  Northeast corner of Dudley Avenue and Tisch Way, at 524 – 544 Dudley Avenue (APNs 277-38-003, -004, and -005).

File No. PDC15-066
Santana Row Lot 12.  Planned Development Permit to allow for the construction of a 5-story, 258 unit multi-family attached residential building, including above and below-grade parking, and the removal of seven (7) ordinance sized trees on a 2.94 gross acre site.  

Location:  Santana Row site on the east side of Hatton Street between Olsen Drive and Hemlock Avenue (APN 277-400-17).

Town and Country Village Environmental Impact Report (1st Santana Row EIR)