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City Manager's Budget Addenda
The City Administration released the following Manager's Budget Addenda to supplement information provided in the 2016 - 2017 Proposed Budget, recommend amendments to the Proposed Budget, and respond to City Council inquires regarding the Proposed Budget.

2016 - 2017 City Manager's Budget Addenda 
MBA LOG  Title
MBA #1 2016-2017 Budget Study Sessions Schedule and Agendas
MBA #2 2017-2021 Proposed Capital Improvement Program Replacement Pages
MBA #3 2016-2017 Proposed Budget in Brief
MBA #4
Office of Immigrant Affairs
MBA #5
Recommendation on the 2017-2021 Proposed Capital Improvement Program
MBA #6
Destination Marketing Program to Support International Air Service
MBA #7 Proposed 2016-2017 Transient Occupancy Tax Funded Arts and Cultural Development Grants
MBA #8  Police Department Vehicle Impound Fee 
MBA #9 (Replacement) Public Works Capital Program Staffing
MBA #10 Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force and San Jose Bringing Everyone's Strengths Together Resource Allocation Plan
MBA #11 Increasing the Airport Curfew Violation Fine
MBA #12 Explanation of Housing Unit Production Performance Measure in CED CSA
MBA #13 Extension of Homeless Response Team Park Rangers
MBA #14 Sales Tax Ballot Measure: 2016-2017 Provisional Budget and Ongoing Spending Priorities Plan
MBA #15 Vietnamese-American Community Center
MBA #16 Implementation of the Modified Apartment Rent Ordinance
MBA #17 Senior Nutrition Program
MBA #18 (Replacement) Team San Jose 2016-2017 Performance Measures
MBA #19 Intergovernmental Relations:  Plan for the Use of the $200,000 Intergovernmental Relations Reserve
MBA #20  Regional Rail Planning Staffing Revision 
MBA #21  Teacher Housing on School Land
MBA #22  Illegal Dumping and Anti-Graffiti Programs 
MBA #23  Police Department Domestic Violence Efforts 
MBA #24  Fire Department Overtime for Coverage During Mandatory Training 
MBA #25  Community Budget Meetings Summary 
MBA #26  City Communications and Language Access 
MBA #27  Amendments to the 2016-2017 Proposed Fees & Charges Document 
MBA #28  Development Services Process Improvement Study Update  
MBA #29  2016-2017 Updated Revenue and Expenditure Estimates in the General Fund and Transient Occupancy Tax Fund 
MBA #30  (Replacement) Recommended Amendments to the 2016-2017 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets 
MBA #31  Adoption of the 2016-2017 Operating and Capital Budgets

Regional Rail Planning Staffing Revision 
Illegal Dumping and Anti-Graffiti Programs 
Illegal Dumping and Anti-Graffiti Programs