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“Cities across the globe are stepping up to confront climate change and other environmental challenges with the kind of pragmatic, innovative leadership too often missing in the national and international dialogue. Here in San José, we appreciate the grave cost of inaction and continue to embrace the opportunity to build a more sustainable community.”

-Mayor Sam Liccardo

Environmental Sustainability Plan
Recycled Water Projects
Sustainable Growth and Development
Community Choice Energy

ESP graphic   Climate Smart San Jose

This year, Mayor Liccardo launched Climate Smart San Jose, a comprehensive plan that aims to align the City with the Paris Climate Agreement's GHG-emission reduction targets. The plan's first major element -- Community Choice Energy -- will launch later in 2018, making San Jose the largest city in America to offer a community choice program. By 2021, the program will offer 100% GHG-free energy as its base product.

            To learn more, please contact: Scott Green

Recycled Water Projects

California has suffered from a severe drought and, despite seasonal rains, these dry periods threaten to become a recurring threat. Cities have the opportunity, however, to use advanced filtration technologies in order to turn wastewater into potable water that is more pure than California’s drinking water standards. Mayor Liccardo has championed the use of highly purified recycled water to help augment our mainstream potable water supply and replenish our depleted groundwater system. In particular, he has pursued partnerships with Santa Clara Valley Water District to significantly expand the San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility's water purification capacity and help create a more sustainable water supply for our residents. Read more about recycled water projects on the Environmental Services Department website.

To learn more, please contact: Scott Green


Skyline   Sustainable Growth and Development

For decades, San José has served as the sprawling and suburban bedroom community for the Bay Area, hampering both its fiscal and environmental aspirations. Mayor Liccardo has worked aggressively to adopt and implement sustainable "smart growth" policies that will help reduce sprawl, traffic congestion and greenhouse gases, and help preserve San Jose's hillsides and open spaces. For example, he has sought to prioritize infill projects and high-density development along key transit corridors. In addition, as the former chair of the General Plan 2040 task force, he has supported the vision of creating vibrant, mixed-use urban villages that promote transit use, bicycle facilities and walkability. Read more about the City's sustainable development and growth initiatives on the Planning Department's website.

To learn more, please contact:  Scott Green

San Jose Clean Energy 

Approximately 78 percent of the electricity used in San José homes and businesses comes from nonrenewable sources, generating 1.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. As part of the City's goal to transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy sources, Mayor Liccardo successfully pushed the City Council to adopt this Community Choice Energy program, which provides San Jose residents and businesses with the option to purchase a more renewable source of electricity, including a 100% GHG-free option. In 2018, all municipal accounts were transferred to San Jose Clean Energy. By Spring 2019, the program will expand to offer service to all San Jose residents and businesses. Read more about the City's Community Choice Energy initiative.

To learn more, please contact: Scott Green

Solar Panels