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Evergreen-East Hills Development Policy
Evergreen-East Hills Development Policy (EEHDP)

Revision of the Evergreen Development Policy Supplemental Environmental Impact Report - Adopted December 2008
The project proposes a revision to the Evergreen Development Policy to provide for traffic allocation for the future development of the following uses: 500 detached residential dwelling units; 500,000 square feet of commercial retail space; and 75,000 square feet of office space.The locations of this development within the Evergreen area have not been determined. The revised Evergreen Development Policy would limit the number of dwelling units to a maximum of 35 on any one site unless the development incorporates affordable housing, historic preservation, or mixed-use components. For purposes of the update, the revised Evergreen Development Policy is proposed to be called the Evergreen-East Hills Development Policy.

Evergreen-East Hills Vision Strategy Project Environmental Impact Report - Adopted December 2006
The proposed Evergreen-East Hills Vision Strategy (EEHVS) consists of various actions which, when taken together, will provide a comprehensive vision and framework of land use policies for future development within the greater Evergreen-East Hills area of the City of San José. These actions include the following: adoption of a revised Evergreen Development Policy, including design guidelines; changes in General Plan land use designations and zonings on approximately 542 acres of land in Evergreen; and construction of various transportation and community amenity projects in the Evergreen-East Hills area.