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Tract & Parcel Mapping

The purpose of the mapping program is to ensure that private property is subdivided in accordance with the state’s Subdivision Map Act and all City of San José ordinances. Parcel Maps are generally used to subdivide/reconfigure property into 1 to 4 lots.  However, non-residential subdivisions greater than 4 lots can be mapped with a Parcel Map if the project meets applicable exemptions in the Subdivision Map Act.  Residential subdivisions greater than 4 lots require a Final (Tract) Map, which first requires approval of a Tentative Map by the planning Department.  You can find more information on the application in the Planning Division of the Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Department web site.

During the review of tentative maps, Public Works will comment on and place conditions on the tentative map. Once the applicant has an approved tentative map, a parcel map or final (tract) map prepared by a licensed civil engineer or land surveyor is submitted to public works for review and approval. The Director of Public Works approves parcel maps and final (tract) maps.