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2016 Pride of San José Honorees
2016 Pride of San José Honorees Recognized at the 2017 State of the City Celebration 

Mayor Sam Liccardo recognized recipients of 2016 Pride of San José Awards, along with honorees from each of the Council Districts, at the 2017 State of the City Celebration that took place on the morning of February 11 at Gunderson High School. The Pride of San José honorees represent the highest level of public service and commitment to the City of San José and its residents. Honorees are chosen by the City Manager from nominations submitted by Department Directors and other Council Appointees.

City Manager Norberto Dueñas selected the following six teams for the 2016 Pride of San José awards based upon the Employee Values of Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration, Respect and Celebration. Below you will find all of the honorees listed along with the project descriptions.

Marcus Rosado, Mineta San José International Airport

Marcus RosadoCustomer Service is a key value for the City, and Marcus Rosado, a Senior Airport Operations Specialist, clearly understands and lives it. Marcus recently showed outstanding compassion to a passenger traveling from our Airport to her father’s funeral. She had broken down in grief while waiting for her flight when he approached her, bought her hot tea, and sat with her until she was calm.

Marcus Rosado showed an exceptional ability to listen, connect, and positively change this passenger’s emotional condition at a highly stressful moment. While he modestly feels that any of his coworkers would have done the same thing, Marcus is a model for us all.

City Manager's Budget Office Team

City Managers Budget OfficeThe adoption of our annual $3 billion budget is the single most important policy action taken by the City Council to set priorities and allocate resources for all City services. The City Manager’s Budget Office is tasked with coordinating the annual budget process. In the face of constant deadlines, intense scrutiny, and a volatile economic and technical environment, this team shows a remarkable dedication and spirit.

The commitment, skill, and sheer endurance the Budget Office are essential for the ability of the Council to make prudent decisions; for City departments to carry out their mission; and for our residents to better understand how their tax dollars are spent.

Team Members: Jennifer Maguire, Margaret McCahan, Jim Shannon, Bonny Duong, Aracely Rodriguez, Selena Ubando, Tresha Grant, Chris Petak, Alice Vurich, Jonathan Paul, Maggie Le, David Lisenbee, Mario Rosas, Roxanna Moradi, Tess Hoang, Lisa Estrada, Sarah Wood, Nicole Altamirano 

Sparta Student Housing Team 

Sparta Student Housing TeamThe “Sparta Student Housing” project at East Santa Clara and 11th Street is a seven-story project that includes 85 student homes, retail space, and a public plaza. The interdepartmental team working on this project negotiated a high-quality architectural design that will reduce traffic and parking, encourage transit use and walking, and reduce storm water runoff. And in September 2016, the City Council approved the project.

Because of this team’s thoughtful collaboration with the applicant, the neighborhood, and other stakeholders, the project is envisioned to become a catalyst for the future development a vibrant East Santa Clara Urban Village.

Team Members: Leila Hakimizadeh, Lesley Xavier, Oliver Baviere, Kenneth Rosales, Cathy Correia, Michelle Kimball, Jeff Lee, Cary Greene, Rebekah Ross, Theresa Chung, Karen Goodman, Michael Brilliot, Doug Moody 

Traffic Signal/Project Lighting Maintenance Team

Traffic Signal ProjectThe Electrical Maintenance Program in the Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining over 64,000 streetlights and nearly 1000 signalized intersections, which are critical in providing a safe environment for residents and drivers. Through hard work and operational resourcefulness, the streetlight repair crew has reduced the backlog of repairs by 67 percent. In addition, our Stolen Wire crews have reduced the number of streetlight outages due to wire theft from 1000 three years ago down to about 30 now.

Finally, our innovative and dedicated Traffic Signal/Projects team works 24/7 on our signal lights to ensure our streets have a safe and efficient traffic flow.

Team Members: Martin Fontes, Randy Griffith, Tony Ortiz, Santiago Corona, Michael Dominguez, Don Ernst, Tom Finley, Ronnie Harrison, Wenefredo Mandilag, Juan Rayas, Joseph Silvers, Teerawat Sirisak, James Vandergriff, Martel Villagomez, Juan Villarreal, Michael Calderon, Joseph Culverwell, John Edington, Tony Harrison, Jeffrey Vierra, Rogelio Ascencio, Irwin Horowitz, Himant Kumar, Jason La Ragione, Francisco Osorio, Angel Alvarez

Illegal Dumping Mitigation and Response Team

Illegal DumpingIllegal dumping has increased by 75 percent in recent years becoming a top priority of our residents. To tackle this problem, staff from several City departments developed a new system to eliminate backlogs, speed up collection times, and create a central point of contact for the public. They also worked with neighborhood organizations and waste haulers to organize neighborhood cleanup and beautification days, a new large-item pickup service, and a public outreach campaign.

Through partnership, creativity, and dedication, the members of the Illegal Dumping Mitigation and Response Team have helped make San José cleaner and safer for all residents.

Team Members: Michael Amaral, Steven Beus, Paul Nunez, Ricardo Perez, Joseph Flores, John Nevarez, Brian Birmingham, Kerrie Romanow, Jo Zientek, Ed Ramirez, Spiros Kolomvotos, Alonzo Perez, Chris Krygier, Anna Szabo, Anne Hansen, Amory Brandt, Russell Joyce, Behilma Magday, Abigail Shull, Jon Gire, Jerry Nelson, Taylor Gustafson, Jennie Loft, Kate Ziemba, Sharon Newton, Jennifer Seguin, Liz Neves, Jim Ortbal, Diane Milowicki, Joe Pomeroy, Tammy Mordwinow, Kelly Noble, Chris Mills, Paolo Cervantes, Max Rodriguez, James Silva, Isidro Gomez, Sam Grimaldo, Guillermo Velazquez, José Avalos, Margaret Morrow, Tony Grijalva, Miguel Cortinas, Augustine Oliveri, Michael Avila, Ray Bramson, Art Nino, Vanessa Beretta
Sara Fulton, Kelly Hemphill, Olympia Williams, Darryl Tapaha, Bernie Rosales, Annie Gambelin, Erica Garaffo, Diane Buchanan, Rachel Roberts, Vince Tovar, Mike Soda

PeopleSoft Upgrade and Budget Project Team

PUB Project The PeopleSoft Upgrade & Budget Project was a three year interdepartmental technology initiative designed to ensure accurate and timely administration of payroll and benefits for our 6000+ employee organization. As part of this massive undertaking, the team provided training to every department for the launch of the new payroll system. The project also modernized our tools for human resources and talent recruitment that now makes it easier both for job applicants and hiring managers.

Over the 2016 Labor Day weekend, this complex and vital project went live, and three days after “go-live” the upgraded system produced the first payroll with no major errors – certainly a relief to all our employees.

Team Members: Damien Beatty, Grace Chan, Laurie Mak, Anita Pennington, Derek Hansel, Grace Martinez, Joseph Chu
Jun Kim, Michelle Varno, Sarah Nunes, Mayumi Dehaan, Mark Matthiessen, Betty Yang, Joanne Tran, Phuong Tran, Wei Xu, Joy Sung, Clara Carter, Jim Shannon, Bonny Duong, Jonathan Paul, Tresha Grant, Tess Hoang, Jennifer Maguire, Julia Cooper, Joe Angelo, Rob Lloyd, Margaret McCahan, Mark Giovannetti