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 Art Painted Utility Boxes 1


This project would display a permanent art gallery in our community with a series of artistic and creative paints on a total of 8 utility boxes in our 5 neighborhoods.

Link to Project Proposal

 Art Painted Utility Boxes 2


A local artist will paint 2 utility boxes in the area and transform them into works of art. These boxes are also protected by anti-graffiti coating.

Link to Project Proposal

 Money for our Local Schools


The project is granting $20,000 each to our local public schools, which will allow them to fill in budgetary gaps. The 2 schools who serve a majority of our children are, Los Paseos Elementary School and Martin Murphy Middle School.

Link to Project Proposal

 A. Parks Upgrade 1-Rock Climbing Playground Expansion at Los Paseos


New rock climbing area behind current playground at the Los Paseos and Metcalf Park. This includes large and smaller rocks to appeal to children of various ages and can be used by a number of children at the same time.

Link to Project Proposal

B. Parks Upgrade 1-Shade for Playgrounds at 2 Parks


Install stretched-fabric shade structures over playground equipment at Los Paseos and Metcalf parks. Shade will enable families to use the current playgrounds in the hotter part of the day.

Link to Project Proposal

C. Parks Upgrade 1-Solar-Powered Lights for Los Paseos Park Pathway


Install solar-powered, motion-activated, LED lights along the path from tennis courts to the restroom building at Los Paseos. Lights will improve safety on a well-used walkway.

Link to Project Proposal

 A.  Parks Upgrade 2- Fitness Equipment


This project adds various innovative pieces of Exercise equipment to the Los Paseos Park, designed to look like products you might find in a professional health club. This includes a Cardio Walker, an Elliptical Treadmill, and four other pieces for a total of 6 new exercise amenities at our Los Paseos Park.

Link to Project Proposal

B.   Parks Upgrade 2- The Flipper and Half Climbing Bright-Colored Tires


The following project increases park attractiveness by adding modern playground structures appealing to all ages at Los Paseos Park. The Flipper entertains kids ages 2-12, and the half climbing bright-colored tires entertains kids ages 2-5.

Link to Project Proposal

 Electronic Speed Warning Signs


The objective of the Electronic Speed Warning signs is to calm traffic flow transitioning from rural to residential areas signs in the area. The two locations in which these Electronic Speed Warning signs will be placed on are Northbound Santa Teresa Blvd just past Tulare Hill entering residential area and Northbound Monterey Highway before Menard Dr.

Link to Project Proposal

 Adult Equipment on Paseos


 The is project would provide the community one set of eight pieces of Adult Fitness Equipment at each two locations. One set will be located at the end of Paseos # 1 (by Tennis courts were Paseos meet Los Paseos Park) end the second set will be placed at Paseos # 3 (Bayliss Site in Avenida Espana neighborhood).

Link to Project Proposal

A. Beautification of Santa Teresa- Landscaping and Neighborhood Signs


This project will install neighborhood identifier signs in the area. In addition, the landscape improvements along Santa Teresa Boulevard which includes: painting the sound walls, replacing the wood that connects these walls, placing ground covers, and planting trees along this street.

Link to Project Proposal

 B. Beautification of Santa Teresa-Sound Wall Repair Project


Beautify the four-block strip of Santa Teresa Blvd between Chantilly to south of Bayliss from its current state of disrepair by repairing the sound walls and connectors on the east and west sides of Santa Teresa.

Link to Project Proposal

More Trees for our Neighborhoods


Our City Forest (OCF), a local non profit, will provide the expertise and labor to plant 250 new trees on public property including the park strips (between the sidewalk and curb), at our 2 schools (Martin Murphy & Los Paseos Elementary) and our 3 parks (Los Paseos, Metcalf and Avenida Espana), plus other eligible locations.

Link to Project Proposal

Bernal Road Bike Lane


This proposal would extend the clearly demarcated bicycle lane on Bernal Rd, (which currently ends at Via Serena in the northbound direction), to Eden Park Place (the road directly adjacent to the Coyote Creek Trail). The bike lane would be added in both directions to make it safer for residents to ride their bicycles with their children from their homes to the Coyote Creek Trail System.

Link to Project Proposal

Paseos Lighting


The Paseos Lighting project would improve the safety along the Paseos by adquately lighting the walking pathways at night. The upgrade replacement of lights to the newer LED lighting will occur at Paseo #2 (between Avenida Espana and Cheltenham Way) and Paseo #3 (between Avenida Espana and Bayliss Drive).

Link to Project Proposal