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May 30, 2018: Call for legal action against Union Pacific

June 12, 2018: $1.5 million for the SJPD South Substation & our other budget victories

March 20, 2018: SJPD South Substation Update from Today's Council Meeting

March 16, 2018: The time is NOW: YOU can help get the SJPD South Substation open!

March 5, 2018: Elimination of District 2 Bridge Housing Community Candidate Site

February 12, 2018: 
Bridge Housing Communities Update & D2 Community Meeting

December 14, 2017: A message regarding Bridge Housing Communities / "Tiny Homes" sites

December 12, 2017: Bridge Housing Communities Update

September 5, 2017: Councilmember Sergio Jimenez stands with DACA recipients after Trump’s cruel rescission of the program

August 30, 2017: Bridge Housing Communities Update

August 3, 2017: Bridge Housing Communities: An Open Letter to District 2 Residents

June 15, 2017: Councilmember Sergio Jimenez celebrates purchase of 30 acres of open space in Coyote Valley by Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) 

In the News 

June 13, 2018: San Jose City Council, stymied by cost of Liccardo's goal of 25,000 new homes, eyes new business levies
"On a key vote whether to explore a fee levied on businesses to cover a $500 million shortfall between plans and costs, the council deadlocked in a 5-5 vote, and the “commercial impact fee” nexus study was defeated. Such fees are usually levied based on the square footage of business properties... The vote was the most recent manifestation of local governments in tech-heavy cities grappling with the side effects of business prosperity — namely, housing shortages and traffic congestion — by attempting to get businesses to pay part of the costs to fix them. “Asking corporations to pitch in and join residents in funding solutions should be an easy sell but unfortunately, it is not,” Councilmember Sergio Jimenez wrote in a Facebook post after the meeting."

November 12, 2017: Letters to the Editor: Attacks on SJ project labor agreements are unfounded
An Op-Ed from Councilmember Jimenez: "I value the views of my colleagues, but the truth is there is no evidence that project labor agreements increase costs. Project labor agreements require contractors to hire workers from local union halls, our own residents. Imagine that. Our city being built by our residents."

September 27, 2017: Pricey Mistakes, Public Demands and Transparency Issues Color San Jose’s Google Negotiations
In a memo penned by Councilmember Jimenez, he urged the city to consider in its negotiations how Google’s pitch fits into the broader goals of creating sustainable wages, preventing displacement and alleviating the affordability crisis. If anything, the City could have reassured residents and garnered more widespread support for the project. 

July 20, 2017: $47 million sale of San Jose’s Hayes Mansion falls through
From Councilmember Jimenez: "We continue working to move the sale forward in the hopes of saving our tax payers' money as well as making certain the hard working employees of the mansion continue to be employed. We will keep you, our valued residents, updated."

Union Pacific Railroad

Legal action looming over trains disturbing peace in San Jose

District 2 City Councilman Sergio Jimenez stood before a South San Jose track side soundwall covered in graffiti and called the Union Pacific railroad to clean up its act. "We really want Union Pacific to be a good partner, come to the table and work with the city to try and address some of these issues… We've been hearing promises for years on end that something was going to happen, but still nothing has happened.”


San Jose Leaders, Union Pacific Clash Over Debris, Graffiti And Noise Complaints

“We feel Union Pacific hasn’t been a good partner,” Jimenez said. “The city’s willing to help do some of the work. We’ve gotten funding to help paint over the wall of graffiti. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a willing partner on the other side. And that’s what we hope to change with the litigation.”


San Jose councilman: ‘Union Pacific has not been a good neighbor’

“The reality is that Union Pacific has not been a good neighbor,” Councilman Sergio Jimenez — whose district encompasses a chunk of blighted Union Pacific track along the city’s southern gateway — said at a press conference Wednesday morning. “Quite frankly, we’re tired of it.”


San Jose Residents Say Union Pacific Is Turning A Blind Eye To Blight

San Jose Councilman Sergio Jimenez, who represents the neighborhood, says this area has become a dumping ground. "Furniture, construction debris and piles of garbage [on the] tracks, all the way to Morgan Hill," he said.

City of San Jose exploring legal action against Union Pacific over blight, noise

“What we do every day by allowing this to exist is telling the residents, the residents on the other side of the tracks, that they don’t matter as much. Right? And we want to change that,” said CouncilmemberJimenez.


City Leaders, Union Pacific Clash Over Complaints Of Debris, Noise, Encampments

"It's been going on long before I was elected, I hope it doesn't go on after I [leave]," Councilmember Sergio Jimenez said at a news conference next to graffiti-covered tracks at Monterey Road and Edenview Drive Wednesday morning. "It's just become extremely frustrating."


December 6, 2016: San Jose: No break on affordable housing fees for developers

January 31, 2017: San Jose City Council approves critical change to rent control policy

April 16, 2017: San Jose City Council to consider ‘just cause’ renter eviction rule

April 17, 2017: San Jose to Hold Historic Vote on Tenant Protections, Evictions

April 18, 2017: San Jose City Council approves policy against no-cause evictions

April 19, 2017: San Jose City Council approves historic new renter protections

April 19, 2017: San Jose City Council Adopts Stronger Protections for Tenants

April 19, 2017: San Jose City Council Approves Renter Protection Measures

April 19, 2017: City Council Passes Just Cause, Ellis Act Ordinances

April 26, 2017: San Jose Renters Applaud Newly Passed ‘Just Cause’ Protections, Call for Faster Implementation

May 10, 2017: San Jose Enacts Immediate Ban on No-Cause Evictions

June 12, 2017: San Jose Council Members Want to Earmark Extra $150,000 for Landlord-Tenant Mediation

November 14, 2017: San Jose Leaders reject proposal to tie rent increases in certain units to inflation

November 15, 2017: Council Votes To Maintain Annual 5 Percent Increase For Rent-Controlled Apartments

November 15, 2017: City Council Rejects Proposal to Link Rent Control Cap to Inflation

November 15, 2017: San Jose Council Keeps 5% Increase For Rent-Controlled Apartments

March 13, 2018: City Council Considering Whether To End Opt-In Ordinance Development For Mobile Home Parks

March 19, 2018: San Jose Falls Far Short of State-Set Affordable Housing Goals

April 23, 2018: San Jose City Council to Vote on Key Changes to Local Rent Laws 

June 13, 2018: San Jose City Council, stymied by cost of Liccardo's goal of 25,000 new homes, eyes new business levies

June 29, 2018: Grand jury: San Jose, surrounding cities should levy new commercial development fees to subsidize housing

September 10, 2018: San Jose Revisits Discussion on Commercial Linkage Fees

September 10, 2018: Commercial fees to build more affordable housing back on San Jose City Council agenda

December 11, 2018: San Jose moves toward ordinance limiting Section 8 discrimination

February 6, 2019: Council votes to study whether Ellis Act protections limit development

March 19, 2019: San Jose City Council to explore new policies to help build housing

April 8, 2019: San Jose City Council to mull new affordable housing funding

April 9, 2019: San Jose boosts affordable housing funding for poorest residents

April 13, 2019: San Jose lawmakers propose giving low-income areas more public funding


June 27, 2017: Homeless shelters now allowed in churches year-round, San Jose council decides

August 7, 2017: San Jose City Council Poised to Change Up Zoning Rules to Allow for More Homeless Shelters

August 28, 2017: San Jose City Council Looks at Ways to Salvage Tiny Homes Plan

August 29, 2017: Council approves a pilot program for “tiny homes” for homeless

February 16, 2018: San Jose Finds Three Potential ‘Tiny Homes’ Sites for Homeless

September 10, 2018: San Jose organized homeless encampment gets eviction notice

Public Safety and Clean Streets

October 17, 2017: San Jose: Gun owners must lock up weapons when they’re not home

November 13, 2017: San Jose considers lifting ban on recreational weed, allowing current shops to sell and deliver pot

March 20, 2018: City Council Votes On Changing Use Of Police Substation 

May 14, 2018: San Jose Councilman Wants to Hire Homeless People to Clean Pavement Plagued by Illegal Dumping

January 14, 2019: San Jose to Review City’s Trash-Hauling, Recycling Contracts

February 6, 2019: San Jose wants to get tough on abandoned shopping carts

May 6, 2019 Beautify SJ Seeks More Resources to Keep Up With Illegal Dumping

May 6, 2019: San Jose struggling to meet spike in trash clean-up requests

May 19, 2019: Illegal dumping, potholes turn Monterey Road into a mess

Coyote Valley

January 22, 2019: Groups Rally To Protect Coyote Valley From Development

January 22, 2019: Environmental groups urge city to preserve Coyote Valley

January 22, 2019: San Jose council debates Coyote Valley with developers, environmentalists

April 6, 2019: New bill aims to preserve Coyote Valley for future generations


June 20, 2017: Google downtown village plan gets its first OK from San Jose City Council

June 22, 2017: Why did San Jose Councilman Donald Rocha say ‘no’ to Google?

September 27, 2017: Pricey Mistakes, Public Demands and Transparency Issues Color San Jose’s Google Negotiations

December 4, 2017: San Jose City Council Debates Financing Plan for Urban Villages

January 31, 2018: City Council Approves Creation Of Google Project Advisory Board | Councilmember Jimenez’s Advisory Board Recommendations 

February 5, 2018: San Jose Councilman Wants to Re-Cast Vote on Controversial Google Advisory Committee

December 5, 2018: San Jose Hopes Google Deal A Step Towards Fixing Job/Housing Imbalance

February 11, 2019: Historic Hayes Mansion in San Jose is bought, new owners plan hotel and conference center facelift

March 12, 2019: Anticipating Google campus, City Council approves taller buildings

April 11, 2019: Fear of eminent domain leads Downtown San Jose church to sell to Google

City Budget and Finances 

March 6, 2017: San Jose to Discuss Investment Policy, Social Responsibility

March 28, 2017: San Jose council approved Hayes Mansion parking agreement, mayor’s budget message

June 13, 2017: San Jose council unanimously approves $3.2 billion budget that prioritizes disaster response

March 20, 2018: San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo wants $15.5 million reserve

March 18, 2019: Should San Jose create its own bank to handle the city's accounts?

March 19, 2019: San Jose Explores Creating Its Own Community Bank

March 20, 2019: Maybe owning a bank is in the city of San Jose's future, but it will take a few years to decide

April 24, 2019: Santa Clara County to explore forming its own public bank

Community Successes and Stories

March 7, 2017: San Jose Vietnamese Community Devastated By Flood

April 21, 2017: Dozens visit Cesar Chavez grave site to mark icon’s death anniversary

August 22, 2017: Retailers hold “community hostage” by keeping leases on empty buildings

August 22, 2017: Vacant, Rat-Infested SJ Grocery Store Prompts Crackdown On Blight

August 24, 2017: San Jose Public Library celebrates first class of high school grads

September 29, 2017: Nob Hill and ROIC butt heads at meeting over vacant San Jose store

November 28, 2017: Vacant Nob Hill store will be home to a new church amid community concerns

Labor Standards

March 13, 2017: San Jose: New law giving part-timers access to more hours begins Monday

August 21, 2017: San Jose Considers Controversial Wage Settlement with Republic Services, Newby Island Landfill

October 24, 2017: San Jose Public projects valued at $6 million will require project labor agreements

January 16, 2019: San Jose green lights covering TSA workers’ salaries during government shutdown

January 31, 2019: San Jose to consider proposal to help employees receive pay they deserve

March 6, 2019: San Jose to expand wage theft policy as Silvery Towers contractor goes to court

March 17, 2019: Should San Jose waive wage theft policy for Chase bank?


January 10, 2017: San Jose, Santa Clara County approve plans to protect immigrants under Trump presidency

June 14, 2018: Separating Families: Bay Area resists with anti-zero tolerance rallies

October 22, 2018: San Jose Denounces ‘Public Charge’ Rule for Immigrants

APRIL 9, 2019: Santa Clara County to explore changes to sanctuary city policy 


May 22, 2018: San Jose voters could see $750 million bond measure on November ballot

March 10, 2019: San Jose council mulls infrastructure backlog, commercial fees and more

January 12. 2019 San Jose looks to boost energy resiliency in wake of wildfire-driven blackouts

Additional Topics

November 29, 2016: Councilman-elect Sergio Jimenez quit county job to accept appointment

November 29, 2016: Sergio Jimenez, San Jose’s D2 Councilman-Elect, Sworn in Early

March 21, 2017: City Council weighs tax to fix up parks

February 26, 2018: San Jose City Council to Vote on Ambitious New Climate Plan

April 11, 2018: San Jose Mayor Liccardo Responds to Criticism from Colleagues over Travel Memo

August 6, 2018: San Jose City Council Weighs Measures on Salary-Setting, Construction Bids, $950M Bond

August 7, 2018: The 4 ballot measures San Jose voters could vote on in November

September 18, 2018: San Jose City Council approves new travel policy after Japan controversy

Oct 19, 2018: Push to Allow Lights at South Bay Football Field

March 3, 2019: San Jose City Council to decide its newest priorities

March 5, 2019: San Jose City Council approves six new priorities for the next year

March 31, 2019: San Jose to tackle noisy trains and gas leaf blowers

April 15, 2019: San Jose City Council to debate moving mayoral elections

April 16, 2019: San Jose votes along racial divide not to change election cycle

April 16, 2019: Proposal to move San Jose mayoral elections fails to clear City Council

April 16, 2019: City Votes Down Alignment Of Mayoral, Presidential Elections, Commits To Studying 'Get Out The Vote' Programs

May 6, 2019: San Jose: Traffic fatalities rising

May 6, 2019: South SJ Neighborhood Votes to Spend $600K Settlement on Security Cameras

May 6. 2019: Hundreds of South San Jose residents offered free home security cameras

May 7. 2019: Cientos de cámaras de seguridad serán instaladas en vecindario de San José (Hundreds of security cameras will be installed in a San José neighborhood)

May 7, 2019: Aumenta problema de la basura en calles de San José (Garbage problem increase on San Jose streets)

May 20, 2019: UPDATE: San Jose officials delay discussion on Reid-Hillview Airport closure