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Gang & Youth Intervention
The Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force (MGPTF) is made up of a Policy Team and a Technical Team.The Policy Team, chaired by the mayor, provides direction and focus to the City's gang prevention and intervention efforts.The task force is comprised of the city, county, and state; community based organizations; the San José Police Department; faith community; schools; and other community stakeholders. By bringing together these partners, the task force has been able to leverage a variety of available ”pro-social” community resources to combat the anti-social influences that youth receive from gangs.

During the months of July through September 2007, we experienced a significant rise in gang-related incidents and homicides. The MGPTF took immediate action and this spike has down trended consistently since October 2007. Despite recent challenges, San José remains committed to continue being one of the safest biggest cities in the country. As such, the MGPTF has re-examined its Strategic Workplan to proactively prepare and respond to changing and emerging trends. The new 2008-2011 Strategic Workplan builds upon past successes and provides direction for the future.

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Our Vision
Safe and healthy youth connected to their families, schools, communities and their futures.

Our Mission
We exist to ensure safe and healthy opportunities for San José’s youth, free of gangs and crime, to realize their hope and dreams, and become successful and productive in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

Clean Slate

The Clean Slate Tattoo Removal Program began as a pilot program in April 1994 and was created to address the problem of youth-related crime in the City Of San José, particularly gang activity. By removing tattooed gang symbols, these individuals will have increased opportunities in education and employment and will have a greater hope of becoming productive citizens.

Now Enrolling Participants
Are gang related tattoos preventing you from getting a job or moving forward in life? This free program has criteria and requirements that you or the person enrolling must meet. If you meet the criteria and are interested in removing your gang related tattoos please call the Clean Slate office or use the referral form.

  • Must be a San José resident
  • Must be between the ages of 14 and 25
  • Must live a gang free lifestyle
  • Tattoos must be on hands, wrists, neck, or face


  • Must be working or going to school and/or must enroll in a job readiness or vocational program
  • Must commit to program by attending weekly life skill group workshops for 7 weeks
  • Must complete 30 hours of community service
  • Must graduate
  • Tattoo removal begins after three month program and community service hours is completed

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Safe Schools
About Us
Safe School Campus Initiative (SSCI) is a partnership between the City, school districts, Police Department, and County Probation. These agencies form the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), and work collaboratively to create safer schools and communities by ensuring that youth related violence is addressed in a proactive and timely manner. The MDT readily has access to prevention and intervention services from community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and the City’s programs.

SSCI services also include assessments, home visits, referrals for youth and their families, as well as diversion and recreational trips. In addition to services listed above, SSCI also provides prevention and intervention presentations to youth, families, community members, and schools.

Services We Offer
  • Assessments
  • Choices and Consequences Presentations
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Follow Up Services
  • Gang Awareness Presentations
  • Home Visits
  • MDT / Safety Meetings
  • Referrals

Areas Served
All high schools and middle schools in San José are served by this program.

Bringing Everyone’s Strengths Together (BEST)
An Impact and Implementation Study of San José’s Bringing Everyone’s Strengths Together (BEST) Program

Violence Risk Factors Map 

A map of neighborhood risk factors for youth and gang violence in San José. 

A first draft produced by the San Jose Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services, with help from the San José Police Department, Santa Clara County Public Health Department, and the City of San José. Built to help assess and predict risk factors for youth and gang violence in our neighborhoods, based on the risk factors for Youth and gang violence from the US Department of Justice.