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Tier 1 CalPERS "Classic" Benefit
Tier 1 CalPERS "Classic" Pension Benefit
The City of San José is pleased to offer CalPERS “Classic” Members the opportunity to convert their current Tier 2 service into Tier 1 for pension benefits. As a part of the Alternative Pension Reform Frameworks, there is a provision that allows for previous CalPERS “Classic” employees who came to the City of San Jose as Tier 2 employees to convert or go into the Tier 1 pension benefit. Please note that those who qualify for the Tier 1 Classic CalPERS benefit will not be eligible for the defined benefit retiree healthcare plan.

CalPERS is the California Public Employees Retirement System. A CalPERS “Classic” member is a member who previously worked for a California public agency and meets the following criteria:

1. First established CalPERS membership or membership in a CalPERS reciprocal agency prior to January 1, 2013,
2. AND is hired by the City of San Jose after a break in service of less than six months
3. AND did not have concurrent (overlapping) service with the other agency.

An employee must meet all three criteria to claim CalPERS “Classic” membership and reciprocity. If you did not establish CalPERS membership prior to January 1, 2013, you are not eligible for this benefit. Please do not fill out the Reciprocity Election Form and CalPERS “Classic” Eligibility form if you do not meet the above three criteria.

If you believe that you meet the above criteria, you will need to fill out two forms, a benefits eligibility form and the reciprocity form. POLICE and FIRE members must fill out these forms before December 1, 2017.

CalPERS Eligibility Form:

POLICE and FIRE CalPERS "Classic" Eligibility Form

Reciprocity FAQ and Form

Please return these forms to:

The Office of Retirement Services
1737 North First Street, Suite 600
San Jose CA 95112-4505
PHONE: 408-794-1000 or 800-732-6477
MAIN FAX: 408-392-6732

CalPERS Classic Side Letters

Police and Fire