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General Park Information

General Park Rules
Generally, all City of San José parks close one hour after sunset and opens at sunrise.

Park Rules Prohibit:

  • Engaging in Commercial Activity - Except by Permit
  • Vehicles Without Specific Authorization
  • Performing, Entertaining or Exhibiting = Except by Permit
  • Amplified Sound Except by Permit
  • Feeding of or Tampering with Wildlife
  • Using Illegal Drugs, Alcohol or Smoking
  • Guns, Dangerous Instruments and Fireworks
  • Vandalism to City Property such as Graffiti, Tagging, Burning, Carving
  • Littering, Unauthorized Dumping or Dumping of Residential Garbage
  • Entering Park after Closing
  • Use of "Air Jumpers", "Bounce Houses' or "Inflatable Houses” - Except by Permit in Designated Areas
  • Dogs Off Leash = Except in Designated Areas Where Posted
  • Outdoor Fires - Except in Designated Areas
  • Powered Model Airplanes Boats, Cars, Rockets, motorized Scooters
  • Food and Clothing Distribution
  • Skateboarding, Roller-skating and In-Line Skating on Park Structures, Furniture or Hard Courts
  • Organized Sports - Except in Designated Areas
  • Camping in Public Parks or Park Lands
  • Golf or Practice of Golf
  • Overnight Parking in Parking Lots
  • Tampering with Pest/Bait Stations

San Jose Municipal Code Section 13.44.020
Always call 911 for emergencies. For non-emergency park concerns, call (408) 793-5510.

Parking at San Jose Regional Parks

Parking fees are collected by parking booth attendants or payable at the parking machines with cash (exact amount only) or credit card. Vehicles not displaying a parking receipt or pass may be subject to citation. Parking fees are collected daily and during park hours at

  • Almaden Lake Park$6.00 per car
  • Alum Rock Park$6.00 per car
  • Kelley Park $10.00 per car
    • Applicable for parking lot at 1300 Senter Road and East Parking Lot off of Story Road
  • Lake Cunningham Regional Park: $6.00 per car
  • Daily Fees are subject to increase for selected holidays (Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, and Labor Day) and summer weekends. 

Discount Parking Fee available for age 60+, disabled placard owners, active military, and veterans

  • $2.00 per car per visit with a “smart card” only
  • To receive a parking discount, a “smart card” must be issued by the Leininger Center:
    • In Person
      • At Leininger Center at the Kelley Park Office during business hours ONLY.  “Smart cards” are not available for purchase at any other location. Proof of eligibility will be required upon application.
      • Guests may also receive the discounted fee by presenting proof of eligibility at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo’s Guest Services Office during operating hours.
    • By Mail
      • Applications with proof of eligibility can also be mailed to the Leininger Center Office at 1300 Senter Road, San Jose, CA 95112.  Your application will be processed and your “smart card” will be mailed to you.
      • Download the smart card application
  • Bring one (1) of the following:
    • Valid DMV Issued Disabled Person Paperwork
    • Valid government issued ID
    • Current Military ID card
    • DD 214 form

Annual Parking Hang Tags 
  • Annual Hang Tag Fee is $80.00 per tag
  • Discounted Hang Tag Fee for ages 60+, disabled placard owners, active military, and veterans is $30.00 per tag
  • Are good at all San Jose Regional Parks.
  • Annual hang tags are valid for one year from the time of purchase 
  • Can be used an unlimited amount of times during the year. 
  • Hang tags are not transferable, non-refundable and non-replaceable. 
  • Applications for Annual Hang Tags and/or can be obtained through Leininger Center at the Kelley Park Office during business hours. 

Automated Parking Station FAQ's

Park Condition Scores

About Park Condition Assessments (PCA)
The San José Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services Department annually evaluates the condition of its parks, trails, civic grounds, library grounds, and community center grounds including observable conditions of park features; turf, picnic tables, and playgrounds. Park Condition Assessments are the first step in identifying improvements to the City’s parks, trails, and other maintained grounds. Results are used to efficiently allocate resources and improve maintenance.

Park Condition Assessment by Park

Reports on Sustainable Park Maintenance

Water Efficiency in San Jose Parks

PRNS is dedicated to maintaining our facilities in a way that both saves water and preserves our parks. Continuing to irrigate and maintain our parks will prevent the decay of existing landscaping, saving tax payers millions of dollars in restoration costs. 

Learn more about what we are doing and how you can help

Water Features in Our Parks

The recirculated fountain at Plaza de Caesar Chavez will be in operation, as will the fountain at the San José Municipal Rose Garden, with a 30% reduction in operational hours. All remaining water features in our parks that do not recirculate will remain off until we recover from current conditions.

Types of Water We Use

  • Fresh or Potable: drinking water, the type that is delivered to your home.
  • Recirculated: fresh water circulating through a self-contained system. 
    • Typically used for water fountains and public water features.
  • Recycled: former waste water that is treated to remove solids and impurities and used for landscape irrigation. 
    • Identified by the “purple” pipes and signage. Currently utilized at 44 PRNS locations, mostly parks, with no reduced usage necessary.

Water Saving Strategies for Our Parks

Areas of our City’s parks will be assessed for the incorporation of native landscaping and low water use features.

Here are a few of our water efficiency strategies:

  • Irrigation system modification
  • Installing high efficiency components
  • Irrigation system reduction
  • Turf conversion
  • Decorative rock/stone or mulch
  • Incorporating drought tolerant landscape materials

What You Can Do

  • Become an Adopt-A-Park volunteer call 408-793-4190 or email .
  • Report continuously running water during business hours to 408-535-3570 and after hours to 408-277-8956.
  • Report park concerns to 408-793-5510 or .

Integrated Pest Management Creates a Safer and Cleaner San José

Pesticides are commonly used to control weeds and pests. Over the last decade, staff have started to incrementally reduce pesticides by using alternative methods.

  • A collaborative effort is underway between the PRNS Parks Division and the Environmental Services (ESD) Watershed Protection Division
  • New maintenance practices will result in safer public spaces and protect water quality in our creeks and streams.
  • Residents can help the success of this program by volunteering their time with the Adopt-a-park program.
  • The pilot program has started and will be evaluated for expansion to the rest of the City's park system. 
  • The program is taking place in Park Maintenance District 3 (in west San Jose), which includes 65 municipal parks and civic grounds that total 245 acres, and includes parts of Council Districts 1,3,6,7, and 9..

IPM Techniques

News and Updates

Community Meetings: