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Council Chambers

The Council Chambers, designed in a tiered auditorium style, have extensive audio-visual projection and sound amplification capabilities, including simultaneous display of two video projectors, a DVD player, VCR, document camera (electronic overhead projector), laptop input to video projectors, wireless and wired microphones, and a podium.

The Council Chambers may only be used the public under the supervision of City personnel. Public users may have to forfeit their reservation should the Council Chambers be needed for official government business. The Council Dias is a permanent structure on the stage portion of the front of the room, and the rostrum is for exclusive use by official business of the City of San Jose.


The City Call Council Chambers can seat 319 audience members in the auditorium. City Hall does not combine capacity of facilities and does not allow events that exceed capacity.


Council Chambers

Non-Profit and Government

Individuals and Businesses

Other Fees




$250 damage deposit per room/per day

Book a Meeting

To book a meeting in the City Council Chambers, please fill out the Council Chambers Application and submit the completed form to the Event Services office.