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Free Speech Displays

Public Speeches

The City of San Jose welcomes public perspectives through open forums such as protests, rallies, and marches. These gatherings are identified as Simple Assemblies under San José Municipal Code 13.23 and are defined as an assembly of persons on an unreserved area of the plaza, if the assembly does not include equipment, temporary structures, sales or distribution of commercial merchandise, food or beverages, or any of the other characteristics of a City Hall Plaza Event.   

Expressive Displays

Expressive Display areas are designated locations where a limited number of persons can stand and communicate their views to those entering or exiting City Hall (SJMC13.23.330).

Looking to express an idea or view? Contact the Event Services office for date availability and to obtain information on simple assembly and expressive display guidelines.


Please complete the Simple Assembly and Expressive Display form and submit to or City of San Jose, Department of Public Works --Event Services, 200 E. Santa Clara, San Jose CA 95113.

Expressive Display Map

Expresssive Display Map.png

Download the map to your computer.