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2017 Pride of San José Honorees
2017 Pride of San José Honorees Recognized at the 2018 State of the City Celebration 

Mayor Sam Liccardo recognized recipients of 2017 Pride of San José Awards, along with honorees from each of the Council Districts, at the 2018 State of the City Celebration that took place on the evening of February 8 at San Jose City College. The Pride of San José honorees represent the highest level of public service and commitment to the City of San José and its residents. Honorees are chosen by the City Manager from nominations submitted by Department Directors and other Council Appointees. 

City Manager David Sykes selected the following five teams for the 2017 Pride of San José awards based upon the Employee Values of Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration, Respect and Celebration. Below you will find all of the honorees listed along with the project descriptions.

My San José Project ACE (Amazing Customer Experience) Team

My San JoseThe Project ACE team – short for Amazing Customer Experience – exemplified innovation and collaboration by improving City customer service through the development of the My San Jose App. The Project ACE Team collaborated with Oracle, AST Corporation, and more than 180 contributors including the public, our elected officials, and several City departments to develop the My San Jose App, which now allows the City to make select services accessible to more than 1 million residents.

Team Members: Donna Becker, Paolo Cervantes, Terry Choy, Joel Clark, Swati Ganesh, Shikha Gupta, Kip Harkness, Heather Hoshii, Desiree Jafferies, Astra Kredel, Margaret Lam, Sharon Lee, Rob Lloyd, Chris Mills, José Munoz, Kelly Noble, Gina Novello, Kevin O'Connor, Kia O'Hara, Jim Ortbal, Jennifer Pettigrew, Ed Ramirez, Bernie Rosales, Khanh Russo, Shireen Santosham, Arti Tangri, Michelle Thong, Mario Vera, Cheryl Wessling, Olympia Williams, Liz Zhang

Safe Communities Multi-Housing Pilot Program in the Hoffman/Via Monte Area Leadership Team

Safe CommunitiesThe Safe Communities team exemplifies Innovation, Collaboration, Respect, and Celebration in its launch of a Multi-Housing Pilot program in the Hoffman Via Monte Area in south San Jose. The Hoffman Via Monte Area needed to reduce crime in the neighborhood, so the Police Department stepped in to, not only reduce crime, but to increase trust in the community. The approach included addressing crime prevention through environmental conditions, so the team recovered stolen vehicles and cleaned up trash to improve the aesthetics of the neighborhood. Foot patrol officers built relationships with adults and children to instill increased trust in the police, and officers participated in soccer, football, and basketball games with youth in the neighborhood. The Crime Prevention staff also helped the community establish a neighborhood association.

Team Members: Stephen Donohue, Johnson Fong, Esther Mota, Nancy Rueda

San José Clean Energy Working Group Team

San Jose CleanSan José Clean Energy Working Group, reflects the spirit of collaboration. Across California and over the last several years, a new way of delivering energy has emerged through community choice programs. Community choice means that residents and businesses can help decrease greenhouse gas emissions by electing to have energy generation come from renewable sources.

Led by our Environmental Services Department and due to the hard work and tremendous collaboration of several City departments and offices, the City of San Jose created a Department of Community Energy to operate the new San José Clean Energy community choice program. The new program will give San José residents and businesses a choice of electricity providers, and will result in lower electrical generation rates.

Team Members: Julie Benabente, Julia Cooper, Sharon Erickson, Joe Garcia, Mark Giovannetti, Bill Gold, Leah Goldberg, Tresha Grant, Scott Green, Andrew Hitchcock, Ashwini Kantak, Margaret Lam, Rob Lloyd, Jennie Loft, Margaret McCahan, Ed Moran, Kelly Morris, Barry Ng, Stephanie Noble, Kelli Parmley, Joseph Rois, Kerrie Romanow, Lisa Taitano, Kristen Van Kley, Kate Ziemba

Streamlined Restaurant Program Team

Streamlined RestaurantThe Streamlined Restaurant Program Team, reflects values of Innovation, Collaboration, Respect, and Celebration.

Following a pilot effort in 2016, the City’s Building Division officially implemented its Streamlined Restaurant Program early last year. The program helps qualified, small business restaurants and cafes get their City and County permits in a smooth fashion so they can begin serving delicious food to our community as soon as possible. Bilingual staff are available on-site to help customers who may need assistance in Spanish and Vietnamese.

The program has reduced plan review time for restaurant projects from 4 to 6 months down to approximately 1 month or less.

Team Members: Doug Arant, Juan Borrelli, Chu Chang, Maysoon Dahi, Ronald Davis, Miguel Enriquez, Tim Farrant, Xuan Ha, Warren Krause, Bill Mayne, Albert Nissan, Andrew Wozencroft

Successor Agency to the redevelopment Agency of the City of San José Bond Refunding Financing Team

SARAThe SARA Bond Refinancing Team is being honored for its Collaboration in a monumental refinancing effort. Our Finance Department, with help from many other departments, led this initiative to refinance more than a billion dollars’ worth of bonds for the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency, which we call SARA.

After more than a year of work, the Agency successfully sold $1.68 billion of refunding bonds, making it not only the largest bond sale in the City’s history, but also the largest tax allocation bond sale in California’s history. The bond sale resulted in debt service savings of $40 million a year, which benefits the City and other taxing entities. 

Team Members: Abe Andrade, Julia Cooper, Ronald Cruz, Nathan Donato-Weinstein, Kevin Freimarck, Bill Gold, Joe Gray, Richard Keit, Danielle Kenealey, Nanci Klein, Donovan Lazaro, Holly Le, Arlene Lew, Michael Liw, Margaret McCahan, Tom Murtha, Chris Petak, John Ristow, Sandy Shayesteh, Mike Shimamoto, Lisa Taitano, Selena Ubando, Kim Walesh