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Lawn Busters Pilot Program
Lawn Busters Pilot Program Saves Water
Lawns generally use the most water in any typical residential setting. This means they also provide the greatest potential for water savings. Because this can be done by turning turf into a beautiful landscaped garden with drought tolerant plants, the Environmental Services Department partnered with Santa Clara Valley Water District and Our City Forest to pilot the new Lawn Busters program.

Between August and November 2015, Our City Forest provided qualified homeowners with a landscape design, materials, and labor to complete 24 lawn conversions. They also provided site follow-up and support, plant inspection, and replacement when necessary. Youth from Work 2 Future provided much of the labor and learned valuable career and technical skills.

The pilot program funded a total of 25 lawns equal to 21,150 square feet of lawn area. Five of the lawns were from low income homes (20% of selected applicants). Lawn busters has been much appreciated by homeowners that want to save water and have a beautiful front yard but needed help with garden design and construction.
Our City Forest Lawn Busters Lawn Conversion Before and After
“The folks from Lawn Busters program worked closely with me to not only make my garden drought tolerant with the right plant choices but to also provide much needed plants for pollinators such as bees. Many of my neighbors have inquired about the program and I’m thrilled to be part of such a forward thinking program.”  (Vanessa Rogier)  

“…We would have never been able to do it without their help.” (Gloria Wooden)

Due to the pilot program's success, Our City Forest has partnered with the Santa Clara Valley Water District to expand the Lawn Busters program throughout the City of San José starting November 2015.

The Lawn Busters pilot program was supported by
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